Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My first Ladies' Retreat

I took some photos while at the retreat center, but am not sure the other ladies want me posting their photots online.....
We all had such a nice time together. With this having been my first retreat, I wasn't sure what to expect. It totally exceeded my expectations. I've decided a retreat is like having 24+ hours of "friend" time, without any children's interruptions or laundry, or meal planning, or serious discussions with your husband, etc., etc. :) You don't have to think!!!!!!!! One can simply eat, laugh, talk with other like-minded ladies/ moms who don't really want to think either........it's kind of like a big slumber party! :) : ) : ) : )
I hadn't been to a slumber party since I was 16 years old, so this was a real treat for me! : ) : ) We stayed at a private/peaceful location which had nice rooms for us to sleep in (two per room), a cafeteria to eat in, and a nice lounge area for us to visit with everyone. Oh--there were also trails for us to walk on too! It was a lovely place for a "get-away". : ) : )
We had a lady from our church speak to us concerning what true encouragement and love is (always pointing others to Christ; selfless), and then we broke into small groups to discuss scripture and apply it to our own lives. When we broke up into our individual devotional time, I was a little nervous that everyone would be quizzed to death when we came back together to share. It ended up being very relaxed and a "no-pressure" time ..... : ) : ) : ) Yes, I know....I'm usually too hard on myself; it's a hard habit to break. : ) : ) : ) Anyhow, the retreat was a wonderful, peaceful time getting to know other dear ladies in our church, and learning more from God's Word. : ) : ) : ) I'm looking forward to next fall! : ) : ) : ) I actually look forward to any time spent with like-minded ladies/moms....the location was/is simply a bonus. : ) : ) : )

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