Thursday, October 9, 2008

My cousin Penny

I consider my cousin Penny a very dear friend. When we visit each other, it's like going back in time to where we are little girls sitting on her front porch, drinking iced tea and giggling over something silly. : ) : ) : ) Most of the time when we were young, our giggling and laughter was appropriate, but then other times it really wasn't. :0 I remember during our family's Thanksgiving meal, a new member of the family brought a casserole Penny and myself did not recognize. We made little signs out of toothpicks to label each food dish, and labeled the one we didn't recognize, "mystery meal". We really got a good giggle out of the "mystery meal" dish. We felt badly afterwards because hardly anyone had eaten any of the "mystery meal". We wondered if the new family member would come back the next Thanksgiving. :(
Our Grandpa Shelley died when we were approx. ages 12 and 13, and were we silly!
Instead of being mournful the night of the viewing, Penny, myself, another cousin Michelle, and my sister Wendy (she had just gotten her drivers license) , were busy winking at the funeral director. I can see, my sister was in the middle of telling a story about how she had run over a curb during her new driving experience. The rest of us girls were listening to her, when all of a sudden, this [young] funeral director walks around the corner and winks at Wendy! We all started giggling about it and teasing each other with winks, trying to see if we could catch the funeral director's eye again to wink back at him. Yes, this was going on during a sad time in the family! We sobered up a little while to remember our Grandpa Shelley....but it didn't help when Penny leaned over and whispered, "It looks like Grandpa's breathing." Some members in the family told us to go outside with our silliness, so we did. : ) : ) We were laughing and being silly the rest of the evening (and winking at each other). It was the next morning(the actual funeral) when reality hit us [our parents had had serious talks with us too: "there's a time to be happy, and a time to be sad"]. We bawled over our Grandpa having passed away, and none of us could quit crying...we were all red eyed and couldn't wink anymore.

Penny has always been my dear friend...and we continue to laugh hysterically when we're together. She lives in Indiana, I live in Illinois.... when we get together, we pick up where we left off. :) :) Penny's husband has one more year left at a Wesleyan school before he becomes a minister. Penny has mentioned before how she doesn't picture herself as a pastor's wife. Well, I think she'll do beautifully as long as she doesn't label the pot luck food, or wink at funeral directors....laughter is good medicine for the soul! :) I wanted to add that we also have had heart to heart talks and discussions, but it didn't seem to fit well in this story. I think you get the idea. :)

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Christi said...

This story is hilarious! I can definitely relate to this story. Brings back memories of me & my cousins, & friends when I was younger. I think we both were giggling girls! :)