Thursday, October 9, 2008

How Richard & I met :)

I'm feeling a bit disappointed that the kids and I won't be attending Lyceum tomorrow because we have one working vehicle....and Richard needs it for a meeting. We're trying to get it worked out for the boys to go, but we'll see..... Anyhow, I wanted to think on something pleasant, so thought I would meditate on how Richard and I met each other! : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

First of all, I'm really sorry for how this photo turned out with the scan. It looks like we had facial hair ! It also seems like every photo I scan (non-digital) ends up lopsided...and of course I don't have all the time in the world to re-scan 100 x until I get the perfect one! that off my chest. Here's the story of how we met: : ) :)
I was a nanny in Indianapolis, living away from home [South Bend] , fully set on being single for the rest of my life (I was only 22). I met Richard's family during a late winter '97 revival meeting at my church (Richard's family attended a different church but knew my pastor's family). I listened to them talk about an older son/brother who had moved to Missouri, but I didn't think much about him past, "Oh, so they have another family member who lives in Missouri. That's nice". I think they even showed me a family photo with him in it. I was a little "turned off" because his sister (she was getting married in a week) told me that her brother, Richard, couldn't get figured out what he wanted in life. I sure wasn't interested in a man like that. ;) Little did I know....Richard's family told Richard about me. So, one Sunday evening (April 21st), Richard came to church to meet me (he had come up to IN to visit his family, but says his motives were to "check this girl out"). I did notice him sitting in the pew in front of me....and I thought he looked a lot like some people I had met a few months back, but I was "indifferent". I was a little tired of people trying to "match-make". After the church service, Richard walked right up to me, extended his hand and introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Richard Sorrell, what's your name?"[as if he didn't already know?] I was taken slightly off guard over his introduction, but figured he was just an out-going guy who enjoyed meeting people (that is true). We talked for about 10 minutes, and then I realized that everyone else in the church building were watching us. I figured we had chatted long enough, and that it was time for me to leave. While driving back to Indy, I thought about how easily I could talk with Richard (unlike most guys who hardly ever uttered a word), and how I'd like to get to know him better, but that I'd never see him again since he lived too far away in Missouri. Imagine my surprise ...when, a week later....I received a nice card in the mail from him! He had gotten my address through a mutual friend. Our long-distant relationship took off from there. He would call me every day, we wrote long, lengthy letters, and he even flew me down to Missouri so I could visit him and his brother's family. We quizzed each other with our long lists we had prepared, and we both passed the quizzes! He proposed November 16, 1997 during a trip I had taken to Missouri...and we got married February 21st, 1998. Now that I look back, it did go by quickly, didn't it?! We figured that since we were 22 and 25, knew exactly what we wanted in a spouse, and knew each other pretty well...that we'd just go ahead and get married within 10 months of meeting each other! It was okay for us, but I'm not encouraging my children to do that! : ) As every married couple knows, you don't really know the other person until you've been married for at least three years...I'm referring to more than the marriage...there's also getting used to a new family's ways. There's a saying, "When you get married, you marry your spouse' family"-- and it's very true. : )
Our wedding took place in the church we met ( Indiana), and then we moved my stuff to Missouri before heading off to Hawaii for our honeymoon!!! :) Oh! I forgot to mention how he proposed! Well, he had just purchased a little house in Rogersville, Missouri...and had already shown the house to me with his family, but told me later that he needed to take something back to the house. So...we went back to the house. I got tired of waiting on him to get whatever it was out of the trunk (I found out later it was nothing...he was just pretending), and I decided to look through the house again, secretly planning the rooms out. I came to a stop in the kitchen. Richard was carefully looking at the kitchen cabinets and began talking about how "we" would need to repaint the cabinets, and how he thought it was a nice little kitchen, etc., etc. I was like, "Where is he going with this?Hmmm..."
He mustered up the courage to look at me and began asking questions, "Do you like this house?" "Yes, I like this's cute!" He smiled, "Would you like to live here? Do you like this kitchen?" I finally realized at this point where he was headed, and kept wondering when he would ask THE question! I smiled back, "Yes, I like the kitchen..I would like living in a house like this one." Then he asked, "Do you like the cabinets?" I hesitated,"Well...we'll need to repaint them as you mentioned earlier." When he finally asked me to marry him, there was no hesitation in my answer. "YES!" :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) : ) : ) : ) We were both so excited and hurried to tell the whole world we were engaged. I think we phoned all our families that day. :)
I'm thankful for our 10 1/2 years together, and looking forward to more.

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Lori said...

I personally like the crooked it neat "character!" Wow, Richard looks young! I guess we've all changed, haven't we???!! ;) ~Lori