Friday, October 10, 2008

Wow! amazing day!

We were actually able to attend Lyceum today--without a vehicle!! Praise God! I was fully prepared to stay home today because we found out late last night that Richard was going to need our one vehicle for a meeting. It was too late at night to call anyone, but I did send out some emails....the one to Mrs. Harrison came back to me, so I needed to give her a call in the morning (she would have needed to replace me in a class and in a hallway). Though we woke up early, none of us were getting ready because we thought we weren't going! I waited until a reasonable time to call people in the AM hours....called several folks to see if they could give us a ride (no success), and then made the phone call to Mrs. Harrison. Actually, her husband took the message, and then she called me back saying, "I don't want you to have to miss Lyceum because of vehicle troubles! I'm going to do some calling around and then if nothing works out, I'll come and get you myself. " I was quite surprised....and then began hurrying around to get everybody ready to go! : ) : ) : ) : ) Making a long story short, a friend came out of her way to come and pick us up. She even had booster seats !!(I hadn't thought to get the seats out of our van before Richard left, since we thought we weren't going) . We enjoyed our time at Lyceum as always....but I kept wondering how we were going to get back home. :) After lunch, another friend offered to take us home, and she happened to have an empty car seat also, as one of her children wasn't with her today. I was simply amazed at how this all worked out! I had been thinking that we'd need to play on the playground all afternoon until Richard could come and get us or something....I was prepared for the worse. But things worked out much better than I could have imagined. :)
As far as the "broken" vehicle, we aren't sure what we're going to do with it yet. Junk yard? I don't know. :) Richard is diligently looking for another car for himself...... :) : ) : )
We might not be replacing Richard's vehicle until after we get back from our West Virginia trip, to make sure we're not rushing into anything. As much as I don't like the sounds of that, I know that it's wise [and I must listen to my husband]. Whatever happens, happens. Today was a reminder of how God sometimes does the unexpected and we don't need to worry. It was also a reminder on how we need to accept people's help. :) :) :)

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