Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting comfy? Watch out!

The more I live this life (I'm making it sound as if I'm so old), the more I notice how...whenever you begin getting comfortable with how things are, you had better watch out because something's going to happen. I know that may sound a little superstitious ....but it has been so true in my life. This is a very silly example, and it's going to make me sound like a very spoiled lady: In all of my and Richard's 10 1/2 yrs. of marriage, we have never had a vehicle die on us before we were able to sell it, get a little money out of it and buy something a little better. We don't purchase new vehicles--we just don't. We get them used and then drive them for as long as we can (selling them before they quit, of course). Well, as you know from the last blog post, Richard's vehicle quit. It had some major problems, and even before finding out what those problems were, Richard began sensing that something was very wrong with his van. I don't know what it is with men and vehicles, but somehow they "read" vehicles' minds and "sense" their "feelings". Anyhow (smile) , Richard's van died, and it was going to cost too much to fix--the first time in our 10 1/2 years together. I need to mention that he only rented that car (in last post) for his out of town trip. Once he gets back tomorrow, the rental car is going back where it came from, and we'll need to share our blue Chrysler van. :) I am ready for the challenge of owning one vehicle until Richard finds another he can drive (as long as this doesn't drag on and on....) . What bothers me, is that I was so comfortable with how life went with our vehicles....it was like clock work! ...And then suddenly something out of the ordinary happened. I know, I'm a spoiled lady! I recall my parents owning one vehicle at a time until I was in my preteen years or so. I remember Dad having to start the motor up on cold Sunday mornings, letting the car run and run for a long time before we'd all climb into it, heading for church. Our family vehicles weren't always so dependable, and required Dad and Grandpa to sometimes work hours on them just so we'd have the one car. I also remember my mom's stories of when we drove in one particular car, the car door would come ajar every time we turned corners!! It seems like my sister fell out of the vehicle or something (this is beginning to sound as if I'm running for President).
So...no...I'm not bothered by only having one vehicle at our house. Cars don't really matter that much to me. What scares me is how comfortable I was prior to Richard's vehicle's death....and when something changed, it took me off guard. Even though it's not easy, I'm thankful that God shakes us up when we get too comfy. I don't want to stay in a "comfortable" state of mind...I long to learn more about Him and His ways....including the ways he supplies/provides during our times of need. We all need our seats of comfort shaken now and then...it draws us closer to Him, doesn't it?! : ) : ) : )

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