Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A lesson learned...

Have you ever had "one of those days"? Yesterday, I had one of the worst I've had in a long time! Our school work was rough going...so after lunch I decided to take a nap. I ended up not sleeping well because the kids were bouncing around the living room, pestering each other and causing one another to cry. I was not happy with their disobedience (they were supposed to have their own "quiet time")!!! They did clean up all their mess, but by this time I had given up on my nap. I had also given up on fixing dinner. I hadn't had a vehicle all day to go to the store because Richard's white van was having problems and had to be taken in to the mechanic (so he had taken my van to work). I decided that we'd just have sandwiches and veggies for dinner...but I had a grouchy attitude, thinking how horrible it was to have sandwiches for dinner! Plus, if this wasn't bad enough, Richard called to say that he was coming to pick us all up...but not so we could pick up our white van...instead, we would be going to a rental car place! Our poor white van has seen better days and it's not worth fixing the major problems (not one, but three major problems). Richard will be traveling out of town this morning, so he needed a vehicle quickly(hence, the rental). I didn't give him a very easy time though, asking him, "Why didn't you just ask someone if you could borrow their vehicle?? Maybe use the "business" vehicle from work?", etc., etc. I was not in a good mood. We rushed around to leave, because Caleb had a soccer game that was away in a little town called "Albers", at almost the exact same time as the cub scout meeting. I was going to take Caleb to his game, and Richard was going to take Antonin to the scout meeting (both boys are in scouts, and this was the first and last time that soccer was on the same night as scouts). I dropped Richard and Antonin off at the car rental place, and then continued on my way to Caleb's game. We had been to this town once before for a game, so you'd think I would have remembered how to get there! I drove round and round looking for a particular street in what I thought was the town of "Albers" until I was so upset, I was breathing fire out my eyes and nose, sputtering, "If I can't find this silly park, we're turning around and going home!". That's when I looked up. I saw the town's water tower, and on it the distinctive letters that spelled out "New Baden". "UGH!" All of my steam blew away and I apologized to Caleb. I hadn't driven far enough down the State road, and we were in the wrong town! (my memory on driving through this town returned)!!! We made it to the Albers' park just seconds before the game started. I had Caleb go on ahead to his game, while I sat in the van for several minutes (Ashlyn was asleep) pondering the day we had experienced...and how it could have ended up a little more "calmly", had I stopped and taken the time to give the frustrations of the day over to God. I sure had a lot of repenting to do! We aren't made to handle the frustrations of life on our own; we're only human! We need Someone bigger than ourselves...Someone who's hands and shoulders are much larger than our own, and can handle the heavier end of Life's "load" with ease! His help, which we so desperately need, is only a [calm] prayer away (I was a bit too hasty with my prayers earlier in the day), we need to slow down, coming to a screeching stop if need be, and pray. How very ugly and selfish (sinful) we are when we don't do this. It's ultimately God who does the work in our hearts, but we have to ask for help. My prayer is that I'll remember this lesson I learned (why are we so forgetful?). I'm also praying that Richard finds a [used] car quickly, and thankful the white van never broke down on him like it could have.

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