Monday, October 6, 2008

Home sick for Indiana

I'm not sure why, but I've been longing for Indiana lately. Maybe because Illinois reminds me a lot of Indiana (I love living here)...or maybe because we haven't been to Indiana since last Thanksgiving?? We are planning to visit again this coming Thanksgiving, and hopefully it won't take us as long to go back for a visit (blame the gas prices)!!

In the spirit of reminiscing, here's a photo of me and my sister in the approx. year of 1978. I'm not sure why our brother, Joe, isn't in the photo...maybe he didn't want to hug his sisters (he would have been approx. 9 or 10 yrs). : ) : ) : ) : ) My sister, Wendy, would have been about 6 or 7, and I would have been 3 years old. Yes, I am the "baby" of the family. I'll have to find an old photo of Joe to share with you...maybe when I visit mom's house, and copy a photo without Joe knowing. [heehee--just kidding] : ) : )

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