Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy 96th Birthday to my Grandpa Pletcher

I'm not sure why this photo scanned so funny (squiggly lines in photo!)...but I thought it was a good photo of Grandpa (my mom's dad) anyhow. If you want the original, I'll have to find another way of copying it. :)
Grandpa Pletcher will be celebrating 96 years in another week. We wish we lived closer to wish him a very happy birthday!!!! : ) : ) : ) : )
Grandpa grew up an Indiana farm boy, raising his own family on the rich Indiana soil. The farming never left his blood. He was always working outdoors!! My favorite memory of him was when I was about 6 or 7 years old. We lived right next door to Gma & Gpa... and one day, as he was mowing his very large back yard with his tractor, he hooked up our red (play) wagon to his tractor, and gave me and my sister a ride around the yard. Our cousins may have been there for the ride too, I cannot remember. :)
p.s. It seems to me like Caleb has Grandpa's eyes...but I could be biased, you know! Aren't we all! :) : ) : )

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