Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another memory....

I wonder why I am reminded of myself when my children do fighting and pestering each other.... : ) : ) : ) No, I don't necessarily fight and pester other people now that I'm an adult...(ahem)....anyhow, something happened today that took me back to when I was in grade school. After church today, I looked all over the church/classrooms/outdoor perimeters, and could not find Antonin. After about 15 minutes, I was getting worried. The rest of the family were stalling for time, so I thought to myself that I'd go back in and check all over the church once more. There was Antonin (finally), walking down a hallway like nothing in the world was wrong. I was so relieved, "Antonin! Where were you?!" He was hot and sweaty, wiping his brow while responding, "I was hiding in a classroom to get away from the girls; some girls were chasing me."
All of a sudden I had a flashback! ;) When I was in Kindergarten through fourth grade, there were one or two boys that I'd single out at recess time and chase all over the playground. I was relentless. I never did catch those boys...they always ran faster than I could...but maybe it was because I tended to single out boys older than myself. :) : ) : ) I think I need to mention that I attended a christian school where all grades (K-12) "played" outside during recess time. One time, a playmate tripped a boy so that I could catch him. : ) : ) : ) He quickly escaped, of course.
The only boy who never escaped, was my husband....although I had very little to do with "catching him". It was a "God" thing. :) I'll share that story another time. :)

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