Thursday, October 2, 2008

3 R's

I can't believe how much energy it takes to home the middle of the day I'm exhausted and ready for a nap! The problem is, I don't have the time to take a nap! I usually have the kids take a quiet time while I escape to my room for my own quiet time. One particularly difficult day, I didn't want my quiet time to end. Caleb knocked on the door, "I'm ready to do my math, Mom."...and my response was, "I'm not ready to come out yet..." :) :) :)
Overall, there's so much I enjoy with teaching the boys at home. I love how I can individualize reading/writing instruction. The math area is a little harder for me, but at least Caleb is only in 3rd grade! :) : ) : ) Wouldn't you know.... Caleb's favorite subject is math, and could work in his math book all day long?!?! This morning I remembered to give him his math test after he had already started on a lesson in his workbook...and I told him that he could finish the rest of his lesson (in math book) the next day. He told me he wanted to do the test AND finish his lesson in his math book. He did it all--and with eagerness. I was thinking that Abeka math would probably be too repetitious for him, but he is actually enjoying all the work, and works out every problem. I don't remember being so joyful with math when I was his age! : ) : ) :) : ) : ) Antonin is also showing the same eagerness with math....his first grade Abeka math seems to be too easy for him. Since it's so repetitive, he doesn't get bored and loves the variety of problems. Isn't this how life goes? As a child/young adult, I was horrible in math and great in English. God then gives me two boys who devour their math books and who don't especially enjoy writing. : ) :)

We've been writing out of the Abeka LA program. I've heard before how Abeka's writing program isn't the best, but since Caleb agonizes over writing one simple paragraph, this program works great for him. I wonder if the Abeka curriculum was written for boys. : ) : ) : )
The boys are loving Spelling Power!!!!! This is the best program in the world! Caleb is a perfectionist and hates getting words wrong. This program is great as the children check their own spelling and "wrong" words are actually "words to learn". Awesome....and less attitude problems to deal with!!!!!!!!!
My boys don't do well with reading programs. They just don't. I have finally learned my lesson and am being guided by Sonlight's reading/book list for each boys' level....getting the books from the library if I don't already own them. I simply cannot get my boys to read any other way.
After finishing the basics of school, we really don't have much time for extra things (like teaching them Piano or tackling My Father's World geography lessons). I am hoping to finally include MFW into our schedule this next week. I was hoping to teach piano on the weekends, but it hasn't happened yet.
Oh! I need to mention that The Ordinary Parent's guide to Teaching Reading is an excellent way to teach your children to read! I also have the magnet letters/board, and the kids love it! I use some of Abeka's phonics program also. I need to go outside to get some fresh air and run around with the kids! : ) : ) : )

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Anonymous said...

You are doing such a great job ,Sara of homeschooling! I really enjoy reading your blog! I don't get around to commenting very often ,but read it regularly and really think it is neat!
You are doing one of the hardest jobs ever (mothering & homeschooling)- so God bless you on a job well done!