Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random thoughts

Richard saw my last post and asked me, "You were for the bailout?? All conservative Republicans are against it...I'm surprised you were for it. " : ) : ) : ) Well....I simply think the Government should try and do what it can to help!! :)
Yesterday we went with our home school group to Eckert's farm in Millstadt and picked apples. I didn't know what to do with all of made some apple crisp last night. Can you believe that it is now all eaten up (it was in a 9 x 13 pan) ?? There are still two bags of apples left, so I guess I can make more apple crisp for my dessert loving family. : ) : ) : ) :) I will share photos later on of our field trip to Eckert' was so much fun!
We have some new neighbors across the street who just had their first child in August. I'm sure that to her,I look like the typical disheveled home school mom. Today the kids were outside playing so well and enjoying the beautiful fall weather (our recess)....and then I realized that they were no longer in the backyard. They were in the side yard, playing too closely to the road, and I might also mention that Ashlyn's hair was a mess, and all three kids were barefoot. I had already called out the door for them to come back into the house, but they chose to ignore me and kept on playing (they know they are to have their "recess" in the back yard during school hours). Without stopping to grab my shoes, and with my own hair a mess, I flew open the door...rounding the corner of the garage yelling, "Guys..I said to come in here right now!!" This new neighbor was walking along with them (toward me)...and she was like, "hi!" My upset at the kids for not listening, quickly fled away. She was coming to tell me that the water pipe under the road had burst...and was wondering if we had water.
We have decided that the kids and myself will be accompanying Richard when he goes back to West Virginia in November. It's going to be a challenge, seeing that the hotel does not offer a laundry room for guests, and does not have a refrigerator or microwave in the room. This will not be like the trip we took to Florida in May!! With some planning, we should be able to make this trip work....
Morgantown, West Virginia is a very beautiful mountain town, but there really isn't much for families to do (it's a university town). I'm thinking that our home school will take up the first part of the day, and then we can hit the walking trails or do our Christmas shopping! :) :) Richard will be busy most of the time with his classes and projects.
I can do all things through Christ..... and will keep the phone numbers of family & friends nearby for possible times of frustration. :)
While in West Virginia (not sure if before or after Morgantown), we are planning on looking for the "Camp Allegheny" where my Great-great-grandfather, Thomas Bogue, died during the Civil War (he was on the Union side). Right now I'm having fun hunting down the Historical society folks-- for them to help me know what/where I should be looking [ for] in WVA. It sounds like this particular site is in the middle of nowhere--and in the mountains!

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