Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A beautiful fall day!

I just had to share about our lovely day! The kids and myself are planning on raking leaves today, since we can't go anywhere anyhow! :0 ha ha! We will have the vehicle tomorrow since Richard will be renting a vehicle to go out of town for a day/night. Basically, having one vehicle is teaching me to plan our lives better! We're planning for our shopping experience at Goodwill tomorrow (since we'll have the vehicle) to look for some costume ideas for October 31st. I hope our church ends up having the Reformation night as in times past. Last I knew, they were needing more people to do things. My husband feels a lack of talent in this area (*sigh*).....so we didn't sign up for a thing. I figured it wouldn't help to nag him. Even if our church doesn't have the Reformation night event, we'll still dress up for the fun of it and maybe visit the neighbors. : ) : ) : )
After we finish the basics in school, we'll go on a "nature" walk to collect some leaves, and simply enjoy the day together. You know, I still have not used the MFW stuff. We've only been doing the basics and enjoying life. I cannot be like other home school moms and cannot compare myself to them. I can see myself piecing things together in the future instead of following a program. I love MFW, it just doesn't fit into our schedule very well and haven't used it! I can't explain why....I don't know why! I am going to use it to get my money's worth....even if it takes me 3 years to work through it!!!!!!!! : ) : )
Enjoy this lovely fall season. Take the time to go on simple walks, breath in the fresh air, and boil some spiced apple cider on the stove! Don't forget to bake some apple crisp (or pie) or make some apple sauce with the kids while listening/dancing to Michael Buble' (any other CD should work as well). Oh--and rake your leaves! I love raking leaves with the kids...it's so much fun! : ) :) : ) : ) : ) : ) When your husband comes home and dinner's not ready, just tell him how much fun you all have been having today, and encourage him to jump in the raked leaves with the rest of you! Maybe the apple crisp and Michael Buble's CD will make him happy! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) ha ha....actually, soup in the crock pot work great for days like this. I might be trying out an interesting "taco soup".

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