Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yeah for Richard [applause]!!!!!

Are you desiring a change in America? Are you longing for a candidate who will speak the truth and nothing but the truth?? A man who truly knows hard work?
Time is running out to support a man who will speak the truth and bring change to our country!! Richard is a candidate who can relate to the average, hard working American!
Richard grew up on a farm, and at age 16 was running his own route for his father's milk delivery business. In more recent years, he successfully finished school while working a full time job and supporting his family. He knows what hard work means, and is ready to work for America! He is ready to work for you! He is ready for November 4th!!

This message paid for by the local ad council & "Rich 4 Prez", inc.

{hee hee, just kidding......Though I would rather be voting for my husband this election.} :) :) :) :)

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