Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our trip to Missouri, Part 2

Here are photos of me and Richard at the Branson Landing, and at the Dixie Stampede. It's too bad we couldn't take a camera inside the show. In case you're wondering, I wrote about our "date" in Branson in Trip to Missouri, Part 1, if you'd like to scroll down a ways. :)

Once the Dixie Stampede ended, we headed back to Mom and Dad Sorrell's house to visit some more (and to get our children back). : ) : ) : ) When we visit family, by the way, the time never fails to fly by too quickly! The next morning, we left Mom and Dad's, heading toward Aunt Judy & Uncle Gary's house for a visit...we had a great time with them and their pigeons & chickens. :) :) After sharing a few family projects, Aunt Judy inspired me to find old family slides and have them "copied" to CD's. I was thinking we should have visited them before we visited Mom and Dad, that way I would have had the idea to get right to work on all those slides! You know what I'll be doing the next time we visit Mom and Dad. : ) : )

After admiring the rolling hills of the Missouri landscape (E side of Springfield), we headed on to Derek & Christi's house (Richard's sister). Actually, we had stopped by there on the way to see U. Gary & A. Judy, but sometimes it's difficult knowing how much detail to put in these stories. :) Anyhow....our boys had a blast playing with their boy cousins, and Ashlyn loved this little tea party she had with Kristin. Aren't they sweet??? :) : ) : )

This is a dreadful thing....I did not get the camera out very much while visiting our family! I know...I's horrible! However, the whole Sorrell family got together at a park in Springfield to go bike riding (a very Lo-o-o-o-ong one), and we took some pictures of all the cousins together, beforehand. I can only imagine that the bike ride was a lot of fun.... I walked because we could only bring 3 bikes with us on the trip. Stephanie and Kaysha (my niece) and baby Karissa (that doll baby you saw in Missouri trip, part 1) walked too, and we had a nice time chit-chatting and helping Kaysha with her little bicycle. She (Kaysha) was so brave and did very well for a 4 year old on a bike! I was quite impressed! :)
Below are the boy cousins in the Sorrell family, and no...the colors were not planned--cool, huh?! :) : )

... here are all the cousins together....

With Grandma & Grandpa.... :)

The girls were so sweet together...don't you agree?

We had eaten dinner at the park by the way (before the bike ride/walk), and then after the bik ride, continued to visit and play....not wanting the time to end. :)
The evening did end, however, and we went home with Matt & Stephanie (Richard's brother). There is much more I'm leaving out of this how I went shopping with Mom Sorrell and niece being with Kendra made me feel young and carefree (ah-- to be 12 again!), and how we picked out material for a dress that Mom Sorrell will be sewing. :) How we sang with Matt & Stephanie's family (Matt on guitar) before we left their house, causing us to leave for Belleville, IL, hoarse. : ) : ) : ) This is what life is all about...pleasing/honoring God, and sharing/experiencing life with family. :) Of course, life is bittersweet...all good and pleasant things must come to an end. :)
Until next time...........~~~Sara : ) : )
p.s. It's been too long since we've been to see my family in Indiana (last Nov.)....I can't wait !

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