Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike and Richard leave town

This morning we awoke to a pleasant, steady was so nice, and we even opened up all the windows to let the cool breezes inside. While getting ready for church, the winds became stronger and the rain came down harder. I was soon going around the house closing windows because water was blowing inside! The stronger winds grabbed our attention...they were probably 60 mph winds with periodic gusts of 70??? I don't know for sure. Several branches from 2 of our trees came crashing down (we heard them crack and pop before falling). The boys keep track of the weather and have been following hurricane Ike, so they thought this was an awesome experience. We talked about how the storm above us was "Ike", except that it was much weaker than when it had hit the Texas coast! On the way to church (it was still windy), we passed fallen branches and swollen creeks/flooded yards....the boys were so excited and talked non-stop. :) :) :) :) Richard pulled up to the Church's front door to let me and the kids out, and a kind man came out to meet us with his huge umbrella. I was somehow thinking that I was helping out by opening up my own umbrella for the boys to use (Ashlyn was too slow--Richard brought her in after parking) umbrella blew inside out, and we all got wet anyhow! Now I know what rain coats are for. :)

Well, I'm so glad that Richard and I were able to go on a bike ride (just the two of us) yesterday before Ike came into town! :) We celebrated his 36th (gasp! yes, I said 36!) birthday with a bike ride in the Belleville area, and lunch at St. Louis Bread (yummy). We celebrated his birthday early, since he will be in West Virginia (for his job) on his actual birthday. That was yesterday. This is today....and this afternoon he just left. :( :( :( :( :( :( Eleven more days...the countdown is on. I'm missing Richard already. It's only eleven days. It's only eleven days. It's only eleven days...... it's only eleven days!!!!
I am happy that Ike has left town, he made our decorative grasses in our back yard fall over. Now it's time for me to make a list and get things done during these eleven days. Hopefully, it's only Richard who returns . :) :) :)
~Sara (age 33)

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