Sunday, September 14, 2008

A few childhood memories :)

This is a photo of myself when I was in Kindergarten. I attended a Christian school in Plymouth, IN, from grade K through 5 , and have great memories of being there with my friends and cousins. I've always wondered, however, why they didn't choose a better backdrop for this photo! :) : ) What I remember the most about this picture, is that my shoes were too big for me, even with kleenex stuffed in the toe, and they kept slipping off my feet! ha ha! : ) : ) : ) I believe that my Mother made my dress. I remember her making school uniforms for my sister and myself. My favorite was a blue jumper with blue and red buttons. :) If I could only sew like my Mother.... *sigh*...I still have a long way to go. Most people who see childhood photos of me say, "You had light hair?" hair has gotten darker the older I get (no I don't dye it). :)

I have a lot of childhood memories.... and many of them took place at church. My dad was the song leader, my great aunt was the piano player, and my mom was the organ player. When I was real little, mom would set me up on the organ bench while she played, and I'd sing along with her (during congregational/special singing). Then, she'd set me in a small Sunday school chair next to the organ while she played; she says I wouldn't sit still in the church pew with my two older siblings. I remember sitting in my little chair next to the organ, listening to the singing and the music...and sometimes I'd turn and wave at everybody in the audience. Eventually, mom moved me to the other side of the organ where I couldn't see anyone but her. : ) : ) : ) I think I finally sat in the pew with my siblings around age 4 (?). I used to play with my little friends in front of the Church (on Pearl street, in Plymouth, IN) before church began, flipping over and over again on the railings that were outside. One Sunday, I quit my flipping to point at two older ladies who were walking toward the Church. "Hey! Here come the old maids!!" I must have said it in my loudest voice, because one of the older ladies marched quickly over to me. "What do you think you're doing talking about my sister and me like that?!?!" her eyes were flashing angrily , "Who did you hear that from?!? How did you know we were old maids?!" I was very scared of her, but managed to innocently say, " Daddy calls you that name." This answer only made her more upset, and she grabbed my arm, marching me into the church to find my parents. I recall her taking me to my Mother, and telling her what had happened...I don't remember what Mom said, but she must have thought of something fast, because the older lady quickly got over it, and was soon smiling! : ) : )

By the case you are wondering....after our church's christian school closed, my mom home schooled me and my older siblings. I was home schooled 6th grade -- through high school. Yes, I graduated at the top of my class (ha!). Looking back, I honestly can't believe that I was accepted into Taylor University...and then only got my AA degree!!!! What was I thinking?!?!?!?!? : ) : ) : ) : ) Well.....I sort of fell in love with Richard...... I was taking a "break" from college to work awhile....and that's when Richard swept me away. : ) : ) : )

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Christi said...

That is so funny! Sounds a lot like something one of your children might do. Also I can really see Caleb in this picture of you.