Monday, September 15, 2008

Family History chit chat :) :)

My parents: Mr. & Mrs. Shelley
Father's occupation: Meatcutter, saw sharpener, handyman
Mother's occupation: was a stay at home mom, then an outstanding school librarian

You may or may not know this....but I'm into Family History (a.k.a. Genealogy). I like mixing in stories to make it more than just facts and names, so hopefully one of these days, I'll be able to have some stories to pass onto my children that were passed on to me from my parents. I am not going to take the time to share my whole family history story with you right now, but will give a brief overview.
My father's side of the family came to America from Scotland, Ireland and England. The Bogue's migrated to Indiana from the South Carolina area; the Shelley's came to Indiana through Kentucky, where my Great grandfather married my Cherokee Indian Great grandmother . The Shelley's were a musical family and my Grandfather played the fiddle among other instruments. According to family stories, Great-Grandpa Shelley's family enjoyed partying and making their own "moonshine". One day, God changed one of their sons' Grandpa was the first in his family to turn his back on his old lifestyle, raising his own growing family to follow after God (this took place after Grandma (Bogue) Shelley prayed many years for him). I've always wondered why Grandma (Bogue) Shelley married Grandpa in the first place; her own father was a well-known Wesleyan minister!! Actually, my Great-grandpa Bogue was a free Methodist/Pilgrim Holiness/ Wesleyan/Church of the Brethren minister. Back in those days, there weren't clear "boundaries" between denominations...I have found his name (William G. Bogue) in different church documents other than Wesleyan. Back to the Shelley's....they were poor people, who materially had very little... but who lived lives full of service and devotion to God.

My Mother's side of the family came to America from Switzerland/Germany and Ireland (England too?). Her father's ancestor's (Pletcher) were Mennonites, fleeing religious persecution. They migrated through Pennsylvania and Ohio...until many years later, they settled in the Northern Indiana areas. The Pletchers were hard working farmers who loved the land they cared for; they lived for the rich soil and crops around them. They were busy taking care of others in need, spreading a little of God's love around in their own quiet way. :) I'm not as familiar with my mother's -mother's ancestors....but I know that they were farmers who settled in the Plymouth, Indiana area. My Great-grandpa Sullivan was a fire fighter in Plymouth, and I remember my Grandmother telling me that her father was gone a lot when she was young. My Great-grandma Sullivan was a poet/writer (she published a book of poetry when she was in her 70's or 80' I guess I still have plenty of time to publish something, huh?!).

Well....what can I say?! What a Heritage! My ancestor's lived years and years in Indiana....I spent 22 years of my life in Indiana....and most of my family still reside in Indiana. I never would have dreamed that I'd live in Missouri ( near Richard's family) for 7 years and then live in Illinois!!! :) What an adventure life can be! : ) : ) : ) I'm so thankful for God's goodness and faithfulness to us. Sure, I miss my family in both Indiana and Missouri.....but I'm trusting that God has had a plan all this time and knows what He's doing. I am enjoying the ride (or "enjoying the journey"). :) : ) : ) : )

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