Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our trip to Missouri, Part 1~~UPDATED

First of all, isn't this the cutest doll baby you have ever seen???? This adorable little one is our niece, Karissa Sunshine Sorrell. I'd say she lives up to her name very well. : ) : ) : ) : )
We were so blessed to be able to visit Silver Dollar City with Mom and Dad Sorrell & Darren. Neither myself nor my mother in law, are pictured in the photo below. Both Christi and Matt (Richard's brother and sister) came to SDC too, so it was almost like a family reunion...though it was difficult to find and/ or stay with each other in the crowds. I had accidentally left my cell phone in our van, which made it tremendously difficult to find anyone (even Richard). Several times I felt seconds away from major frustration....and then I'd run into someone I knew. : ) : ) We cannot live without cell phones, can we!?!?! :-} We had a very good time, and the kids had a blast!!! :) :) :)

Ashlyn had a lot of fun riding the ladybug and butterfly rides with Kristin. They had so much fun together, and Ashlyn still talks about the rides at SDC. :) :) :) :) :) is Antonin with his cousin, Kyler. It was so fun watching them make memories together. I do not have photos of the older boy cousins (Caleb's age group), because I was not with them! :) I do know they all wished they could have stayed forever....made the time last longer.... : ) : ) : ) : )
While our boys were riding rides and playing with their boy cousins, Richard, myself & Ashlyn, had the opportunity to get together with some long-time friends: the Coles and the Boohers! The guys and kiddos went on several rides (including the Powder Keg), while the gals sat and visited awhile. Actually, I think we gals were also enjoying our frozen lemonade/strawberry lemonade's. : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Richard & I were able to go on a ride together....the Fire in the Hole! I know I should have gone on Powder keg, I was just momentarily uncertain . I probably would have eventually ridden it-- once I understood that I would not get sick (it's best to close eyes and scream) or lose the glasses off my face. :) :) Oh well, there will always be another time to ride the Powder Keg (We like SDC...we will return). :) We had a very nice visit with the Boohers and the had been awhile, so it was great catching up. :)

Here are a few more photos that the Coles shared with us! :) : ) :) : )

After SDC closed and chased us out of their park (hee hee), Richard and I gave our children over to Mom and Dad Sorrell for the night (and next day). We stayed in a motel in Branson, and the next morning enjoyed the Branson Landing in the beautiful Ozarks. It ended up raining, so we went to the IMAX and watched a movie about the Greatest places in the World....then window shopped some more until it was time for the Dixie Stampede!!!! This was our very first time to experience such a show. We sat on the "Northern" side. We found it interesting that the "South" side cheered and made more noise than our "North" side did. We found that we were cheering and yelling louder than normal, trying to make up for the North's quietness. : ) : ) : ) The show was was fun! The hard part was eating my food with my hands (no silverware), and being required to yell, scream, and kick the wall/floor boards in front of me for the "stampede" sound. Experiencing all this action while eating, caused me to forget how much I was actually eating....and I ate so much, I felt sick into the next day!!!! I couldn't figure out if I had eaten too much, or if I simply wasn't used to all that yelling and cheering while eating. : ) : ) : ) : ) I'm proud to report that the "North" won, by the way. : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) I am a Yankee by birth....and choose to show hospitality/friendship like the South (I try anyway...). I don't think I could ever be a Rebel--it's simply not in my blood. :) :) ~~This concludes Part 1 of our trip to Missouri.....

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