Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our son Caleb Andre'

Caleb= "Faithful, Bold" ; Andre'= "Manly, Courageous"
Seeing how Caleb's 9th birthday is just around the corner....I've been thinking about his birth story. I actually think about it every year, and he seems to enjoy hearing it. : ) : )
I was a happy new mom-to-be in SW Missouri. The pregnancy was very good with hardly any morning sickness, and everything was absolutely perfect...until the last month. I began having high blood pressure problems,and was very swollen! The week before my due date,my doctor squarely looked at me and asked, "What have you been doing?! You need to have this baby--and soon!" We set up a time to go to the hospital to be induced...Wednesday, August 11th, 1999. For about a week I had been on bed rest at home, and my husband served me hand and foot. : ) : ) I was all nerves the night before the induction, but Richard remained calm (as usual) and prayed with me. My suitcase was ready, I felt God's nearness, but I still did not sleep well that night (I was very excited). We arrived at the hospital bright and early August 11th, and the labor began. I was doing real well, and quickly dilated to 9 cm's....but then we noticed the heart rate of our baby dropping dangerously low every time I had a contraction. The doctor came into the room and told us that something was compressing the baby's umbilical cord. I was moved around in all different kinds of positions, and they tried "floating the cord" with some kind of fluid stuff, but nothing helped. The second time the doctor came in, he informed us that we would need to have an emergency c-section. Just minutes prior to this, the nurses had brought in the birthing equipment (for natural births), so I had been thinking we were getting close to having the baby. I naturally asked, "why?". The cord was still compressed, and the doctor didn't think the baby could be delivered. We chose to labor a little longer, but there still was no progression (the heart rate only got worse), so we agreed to the c-section.....I was in tears and trying to listen to the Nun who sweetly came to me (it was a Catholic hospital) giving words of encouragement. Looking back I appreciate what she had to say, but at that point in time I was very upset. Right before they wheeled me away, my Mother in law came in, took my hand and said, "I know what you're going through right now Sara; I'm praying for you. Don't be scared." [she had had a c-section years before with her last child]. I couldn't speak, my heart was in my throat. Caleb's heart rate had improved after my contractions were stopped, so they allowed me to be awake for the surgery. He was born at 1:19 PM.... 7 pounds, 1 ounce, 21 1/2 inches long....and his umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around his shoulders/chest, and twice around his legs (which would explain the very low heart rate, and my failure to progress). Richard held Caleb up so I could see him...I was so relieved he had arrived--but had a moment of fear that he wouldn't know me since he was a c-section baby (funny the thoughts new moms have). Caleb had his eyes closed and was whimpering when I was finally allowed to hold him...I held him close and said, "Hello, Caleb!" Immediately, his eyes flew open to stare at me and he quit whimpering. I was so thrilled, and near tears. : ) Later on, when my family received news of Caleb's birth, my Mom told me that it was around 1 PM that she had a horrible feeling come over her, like there was something wrong with me or the baby (she only knew that we were at the hospital). She had then prayed for us, that God would have mercy. Now, my sweet little baby boy--Caleb Andre'-- is turning 9 years old!!!!!!! We are so thankful for him!!! What a blessing he's been in our family! I actually don't tell him this long story! I shorten it for a child to understand just how special he is...and what a gift from God! : ) I'll be sharing Antonin's birth story in a couple more weeks (he and Caleb are 2 years & 2 weeks apart).

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Christi said...

I enjoyed reading Caleb's birth story. Sounds like a miracle baby!