Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weeds, weeds, weeds!

These are photos of our back yard. If we don't constantly work at keeping the weeds out of the bricks, they totally take over! This is not how our back yard was intended to look like. Do you know how hard it is dealing with these weeds? I have sprayed them with weed killer....only for it to rain that very night. Then, I've pulled them up by hand and sprayed again. Sometimes I get so frustrated at these weeds that I ignore them and let them take over (they come back every 3 weeks or so). Other times I get so angry at them, I begin stomping up and down, yelling, "I'm so mad at you little weeds!" Of course neither method works well. :)
What works best is the time consuming, sweaty, back breaking job of pulling up weeds that are in between the brick. All 100 yards of it!
I was thinking about how one can learn so much from the outdoors. We all have weeds that grow up in our lives, don't we?! We detest them, we try and hide them, but they're there. We ignore them at first and pretend they don't exist, thinking they might just go away on their own--but they don't. They only get bigger and more ugly. We get upset at them, and do our share of ranting and raving about how much we can't stand them--but they are still there. It takes awhile for us to realize that one must take action with those weeds...God sprays them with His special weed killer (conviction/forgiveness), and then equips us to get rid of those weeds in our lives. We must take action. Our weedy life is not what God intended for us! So, we then pull on our working gloves and get to work! We carefully pull up the first 20 weeds of bad attitudes and bitterness, but soon get tired and wish someone else could do the rest of the job for us. This is painful! We spend all evening yanking up weeds of disbelief, self-sufficiency,anger,selfishness, self-absorbency, then sit back to take a break. We wipe our brow and reach for a drink of water. Ahhh--there's nothing like cool, refreshing water to quench our thirst! We need the cool, refreshing water of God's Word and His Spirit to complete such a weedy job.....although dealing with the weeds is never-ending. They come back so quickly, we can't take too long of a break drinking water, or get comfortable in our yard, thinking the weeds are gone for good. Weeds are a never ending job, and are a blessing in disguise. They force us to be dependant on God (we can't pull the weeds without His supplying us with the tools; He is the One ultimately doing the weeding).

Remember this photo. One can learn so much from a weed. It seems so small...but stop to look how big it really is!!!


stephanie said...

This is a wonderful post ,Sara! You write so well! Enjoyed reading it and it was very thought provoking! Thanks! And The picture is soooo cool!!!

Christi said...

This was really good, Sara! Thanks for the thought provoking words.

Heather said...

Have you ever considered removing the bricks and either seeding the area with grass or redoing the brick bed and reinstalling them? If that's not in the budget, maybe pouring on an acidic soil additive would work or powerwash the area between the bricks to remove the soil that the weeds are growing in...or ask your friendly Home Depot associates. :)

Sarasreflections said...

Yes...I've thought of some of those things. The truth is that it's not high on my priority list. : ) : )