Friday, July 11, 2008

On Charlotte and other spiders

The children and myself recently watched the "Charlotte's Web" movie...I don't care how many times I'm emotionally moved at the scene where Charlotte dies at the Fairgrounds-- and Wilbur (with Templeton's help) takes her egg sac back to the farm yard--I still cannot stand spiders. You would think after reading the book with the children, seeing the movie several times and crying my eyes out during the appropriate moments, that I would finally see the importance of spiders in our world and never be scared of them ever again (possibly even thinking they are a little bit pretty?). Not a chance! When a spider comes down out of nowhere right in front of my face while I'm sitting at the computer, the last thing I think of is "oh..this spider is unique...look at how it spins webs and catches bugs! ". The other evening, while I was cleaning up the kitchen, I noticed a HUGE spider (I think it was a wolf spider), sitting at the edge of the baseboard, just waiting for me to come and get him. I instinctively screamed even though he was more than a foot away, and I called Caleb into the room to kill him. Caleb chased the spider back behind the washing machine. I picked the laundry baskets up off the floor, stacking them on top the washer (fear of spiders in clothes), and then we walked away to wait for the spider to re-appear. Mr. Spidey finally re-appeared right before bedtime, and I screamed once again--this time for Richard to come get it. *sigh*....I can't get over this phobia of spiders. I don't care what Charlotte says--spiders are YUCKY!!! Not only are spiders very ugly, they often come out of nowhere...surprising people. Soon after Richard and I were married, I climbed into our car to go to the store for something. I began backing out of the driveway, and then happened to look down. There was a medium size spider sitting right on my lap!!! I managed to put the car into park- while screaming hysterically, pulling my seat belt off, and jumping out of the car. Richard came running, "Is everything alright?" I was still screaming. "No! Everything is NOT alright! There was a spider on me!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not getting back into that car until you look for that spider!" Poor Richard looked all over the car, but never found it. "Sara", he said, "You screamed so loudly, that poor spider crawled away and had a heart attack!" : ) : ) : ) : ) I still wonder what our neighbors thought. :) We lived in the country at that time, so maybe they didn't hear a thing! Even though I cry everytime I see/read Charlotte's Web, I cannot tolerate spiders.... no matter how much they benefit the world. Sorry, Charlotte.


Christi said...

hee.. hee.. me either. spiders are awful! such a funny story.

Sarasreflections said...

Especially the ones who's bodies are larger than a dime. Ick!