Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Goodness! I love this blog! Blogger is so fun and user-friendly! :) :)
Whenever I have more time to figure out the extra settings, I will! I'm excited that I'm able to share pictures from Flickr on this site. How exciting! I will be slowly adding more photos as I have time. :) :) :) Come back often, as I am unable to send emails of all my updates (unless that's something else I need to learn on this new site too :) ). The following post explains why I chose the title "June flowers" for this new blog. :-)
Today Ashlyn picked some flowers (weeds) for me and her Daddy. I enjoyed watching her enthusiasm, as she flit from flower to flower. The little bundles were clasped tightly in her hands as she excitedly chattered how she would give Daddy the flowers when he came home. We went on with our daily routine, forgetting to place the flowers in water. Later in the evening when Daddy was on his way home, Ashlyn tearfully brought me her wilted flowers. "The flowers died, Mommy! I don't have any flowers to give Daddy!!" I tried to comfort her little-girl heart, "It's okay...we can pick some more flowers!" [thank God for weeds], but she was very teary-eyed and continued to exclaim over her dead flowers. Her tenderness touched me, and caused me to start can I tell her that she is Mommy's flower...that in life she will experience wonderful sunshine and all that she needs to grow into the beautiful person God wants her to be...but that life also brings rejection,difficulties, and heartache. There will be times my little flower will nearly be crushed by the cares of this big world. How does one tell their child this? Then, it hit me. The world is certainly larger than a flower, but God is even bigger than the world--He's the Creator! If God's the Creator, surely He knows His plans for His creation. This is what I will tell my own little flowers.


Nikki said...

Hey Sara It's Nikki. Just letting you know that I'm keeping tabs on ya. Ha ha

Sara's reflections said...

Hey! How are you?!?!?! : ) : )
You're a blogger too, it looks like! Isn't this fun? :)

Nikki said...

Yes. Mine is I get slack every now and again, but I've been trying.

Christi said...

Hi Sara! I like this new blog better. I'm so glad you're doing this.