Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The ants go marching two by two, hoorah!

I thought our ant problem would get better in time...it usually does when the number of spiders sighted in our house increases...but this year, they won't give up. Maybe because we've been killing more spiders? The ants have been coming into the kitchen underneath and/or around our back door. They have a habit of coming and going when they please. Most days there are no ants to be seen on our kitchen floor, and I smile to myself. I begin thinking they have finally left for good, and that I can enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with an ant-free kitchen. Unknowlingly, one single little crumb drops slow-motion-silently onto the kitchen floor. A small leader ant immediately stands at attention near our back door and blows his whistle. "CALLING ALL ANTS! A crumb just hit the floor! I felt the vibrations, and know it's something sweet and gooey." Several hundred ants line up two by two behind the leader. "One at a time please, and no pushing!" A double line of ants inch their way around the door frame, as they sing in unison, "The ants go marching two by two, hoorah! hoorah! We're marching in to get something sweet, munchy, crunchy and nice to eat..." Rounds of cheers echo in the kitchen, as the community of ants work together to pull the little gooey crumb in one direction. The leader of the ants shouts out,"Heave to the right, NO--that's to the left, Martin! Watch out for the spider web in the corner...pull to the right....we're getting closer to the door...closer to the door....uh oh! I hear someone coming. Keep working....keep working.....I'm going back outside to check on the other ants....I've got important business to attend to...see you all later if you make it out safely!"
I look down while walking through the kitchen and I exclaim, "Who left a crumb on the floor for the ants?" Frustrated, I grab a wet paper towel, squishing what ants I can, and hitting all the others with a nearby shoe. It's during times like these I regret having killed the large wolf spider. I am hoping that more spiders will visit our house...just as long as they eat all the ants and stay out of my sight. Once all the ants are eaten, the spiders can leave our kitchen peacefully, and without any violence. :-) I need to go now...my kitchen floor needs mopped. :)


Christi said...

I love your story about these ants. I have always kind of had these thoughts in my head when I see a line of ants in my kitchen. Colten & I are always making up stories about the leader & stuff. It was fun to read yours.

Lori Cole said...

Sara, The BEST thing to get rid of ants is Terro. You can get it at Lowe's for around $3. It is a little bottle of liquid. You put a little puddle (or several puddles if you've got lots of ants) of it on cardboard where you see the ants. It draws the ants and they will literally SWARM!!! and devour the stuff in very short order!! It's really gross for a little while, but they take it back to the nest and it will kill the whole nest in a few days or a week or so. Believe me, it really does work!! We had ants TERRIBLE in Pineville and this stuff works! Sometimes you have to do it twice, but it will get rid of them. Hope this helps. ~Lori

Sarasreflections said...

Thank you! :)

I will try the Terro soon...thanks for the tip! :)