Thursday, May 7, 2015

Transitions & Blessings

This year has been full of transitions.  :)  :)  
 I've learned that "transition", is not a bad or unsightly word; God loves writing our stories, seeing more in us than we see in ourselves. :)
Like an audience of a play, some parts of the story catch us by surprise.
We can't see beyond the next act, but rest in the knowledge that His story is perfect ...  :)
 We enjoy these views every day, by the way!!  :)
 As you may know, Ashlyn & I jumped into the Community Bible Study last August, studying the Books of Daniel & Revelation. I'm thankful for our wonderful new friends in CBS- serving alongside others is undoubtedly a blessing!
I'm grateful that within our own transitions, trials, and changes, we can unknowingly bless others. I co-taught the three year olds this year, and was touched by what a mom shared with me. All those Wednesday's I didn't feel good because of my toe, or because of my 3rd round of antibiotics etc. ..... somehow, I made a difference in a child's life.   :)  This is obviously an example of what God does through us, and I'm amazed!
Yes, I plan to share what I learned in my study of Daniel & Revelation, but it's going to need to be in a separate post- coming soon.
 We're thankful for CBS friends!  :) Ashlyn is going to miss her new friends very much, as she'll go to "regular" school this fall, no longer attending CBS with me as a homeschool student. I'm confident she will make more friends in her new school, hopeful to keep in touch with the ones she made this year.
 During CBS' sharing day (last day for this year), we were treated with harp music!!!  How lovely!
If I can learn how to upload a video from my new (to me) iPhone, I will share harp music in the near future.   :)
And ... here's Antonin enjoying his track season with Timberview Middle School.
I'd say he transitioned well from a homeschool/private school experience, to a very large Middle School with three hundred 7th graders! Yes, that's only the amount of students in 7th grade.
 Antonin's favorite events are the jumps and long distant running. He's finished well!  :)
 Antonin's looking forward to 8th grade, choosing his "extra" classes for this fall. I'm excited for his opportunities- it's fun watching him grow up and try new things.  :)
Like I've said, seeing mountain scenery every day (or on a weekend hike), is wonderfully breath-taking!  :)
 I was SO excited to hike with the family this past weekend, as my toe is now well enough. Yay!

                                            Our upcoming 5th grader at Ranch Creek Elementary  (unless The Classical Academy works out for her); I know she'll do well!   

 And ... last, but not least .... Caleb!!
He will experience more transition this fall, with changing to Liberty High School for 10th grade (transferring from a Charter school to our neighborhood school; a change he requested among a variety of reasons).
We're proud of  his hard work this first year in High School, including job shadowing a Water Company guy (testing water, etc.). We know he will have many more interesting High School experiences, as he prepares for real life in the real world.
By the way, he's still working through his Drivers' Ed. I wonder when he will ever finish the Online program so he can take his test and begin practice driving. Oh well, if he's in no hurry, I guess I'm not either!
One more thing- remember how I needed toe surgery ... then healing ... and how I was newly hired as a Sub, but not needed?
As soon as my toe was well enough to wear my most comfortable dress shoes, I received a CALL to Sub!!  I worked two half days last week!!!
 I'm newly amazed at this story God's writing, and Yes, He's in control.
Transition is not a bad word. It's giving up control and trusting, even when things don't make sense (like... why didn't we choose the neighborhood High School for Caleb when we first moved here?).
Moving onward & forward into our 10th month here.... anticipating a great year ahead!!! :)

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