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Washington Trip~Day Seven, Friday, July 26th~

Richard lived in 5 houses growing up in Washington, so we drove around Everson, Sumas, and Bellingham areas to see three of them!
The first house Richard lived (age 9), was a beautiful country home in Sumas, Washington.
Richard remembers making tunnels underneath the blackberry bushes on the property.  :)

The house below was house #4.
For a time, Richard's family had church service in the front room(s).
The last place Richard lived before leaving Washington (age 14-16); the family had a clear view of Mt Baker, since the house faced the mountain range.
Paul, Richard's dad, was an independent contractor with Darigold, and built a successful home delivery business during his time in Washington.
Richard, and brother Matt, accompanied Paul on his routes.
By the time Richard was 14, he was his dad's book keeper!
At age 15, Richard was making deliveries and pretty much ran parts of his dad's business .... with assistance from Matt. :) They often worked together, but had their own routes, too.
Before Richard got his driver's license, his mother (Lynette) drove him to each delivery stop, and from there- Richard took over. Orders and customer receipts, payments, carrying milk products into businesses or people's homes ... he had it covered.   :)
I giggled when I imagined Richard (short & little for his age) dealing business with people, and later driving a milk truck. Too amazing!!
It made me wonder if anyone ever exclaimed, "A boy's driving that truck! Where's his parents?!"  ;)

Here at the "dock", they placed orders, and loaded their trucks for deliveries.  

As for schooling, Richard attended several different schools in the area.
He attended this Christian School in 7th grade [he home schooled 8th grade and up].

He attended Nooksack Valley Middle school in 4th grade.

While we listened to Richard's stories, we stopped in Lynden for dessert!
We were just driving through this time; we would browse the town a few days later.

MMmmm... doesn't this Nanaimo bar look yummy? It was delicious!
Because it was so rich, there was plenty for our whole family.  :)
Nanaimo bars are not Dutch ... but originated in Canada!
Like I said, we would return to Lynden later ... and try Dutch desserts. :)

  As we drove away from Lynden, I finally put the puzzle pieces together. It finally dawned on me (after 15 yrs of marriage) why my husband was so keenly interested in exploring others' ways:
1). Because of where the family lived (Washington) and pastored (Canada), Richard came in contact with a variety of cultures, and developed an appreciation for ethnic differences.
2). He practically ran his dad's business at age 15, which made him unafraid to try new things and new adventures. Nothing has fazed him since his Darigold days. lol!
3). A combination of the above is how God shaped him into the person he is today.    :)
On this sweet family note ... we arrived at Wiser Lake for some lovely views!

Alright, everyone back in the van-
Time to find berries to pick!
We stopped at Bjornstad Farms.
We wanted to pick raspberries, since Washington is the top producer of raspberries in the country, but then became distracted by the blueberries.
 We decided to pick blueberries.

We picked enough for a "late-lunch-snack" 
Wow-! Our first experience picking berries with Mt Baker in the background.
Best of all, the blueberries were only $1.79/lb. Incredible!

Our last stop was Larrabee State Park.
The scenery was gorgeous, but one must be careful on the rocks!!
Look! A purple starfish!
There were numerous starfish hiding among the rocks ... it was low tide.

Star fish are hard and stiff, and hold their shape for a very long time.
We didn't see any movement. Hmm, maybe they were waiting for high tide.
I slipped and fell on the rocks. Ouch!
Thankfully, my camera escaped harm.
Seconds later, Antonin slipped and fell.
We were both muddy, bruised and scratched, as we found our way to the park restrooms.   :(  

 Once cleaned up, I stayed on higher ground, while the others explored ... (I was safe sitting down ...  :) )

I wished later I had taken lots more!
When the kids were finished exploring, we met Paul & Lynette for dinner at a sandwich cafe, then headed back to our hotel.
We planned to explore more sights and family memories the next day!!

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