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Washington Trip~ Day Eight, Saturday, July 27th~

We met up with Paul & Lynette, and Matt's family, and split into two groups.
The men and boys led the way in one rental van; the girls and ladies followed in another.
Matt drove the men's van, and I had the privilege of driving the ladies van- ha!  :)
I was slightly out of my comfort zone following another vehicle through unfamiliar territory. I knew I needed to stay alert for clues Matt was pulling over or turning around. And patience when other vehicles crowded between us, or when the traffic light turned yellow, and I couldn't make it through the intersection.
I told myself I could do it, and off we went!! Woohoo!
Lynette sat in the front passenger's seat and shared stories of their past life in Washington, and about the different people a part of their lives during that time.
Stephanie and Kendra joined in the conversation, while the girls in the back of the van talked non-stop amongst themselves.  :)
Everyone's spirits were high- we couldn't wait to see and share in Washington memories.
 This was the way to go, if you wanted to go logging!

 My beautiful niece, Kendra!   :)
Soon, we turned down a beautiful lane in Kendall ... to visit the 3rd house Richard's family had once lived in.
In the photo below, Paul told his grandsons how things use to be on the farm. :)
We had the best view of the back of the house- "Washington House #3".
A busy road was on the other side of the house.

 Cousin Karissa just LOVES horses!  :)
The girls fed horses weeds ... from the greener side of the fence. :)
Left to Right: Richard, Matt, Lynette, Paul.
They all expressed they had returned "home".  :)

 Gazing across the field, you could see another (blue) farm- "Washington House #2".
Paul had moved his family from the blue farm to the yellow/white one when it came available for rent, because he liked it better!  :)

Washington House #2

 One couldn't see the front of the house at all, because of the numerous well-kept trees and brush.
By the way, I found it interesting how close barns were to the houses. Could it be because of the mountains, perhaps?

 Everyone felt sentimental, and continued talking about their former Washington homes while we drove away.
Richard & Matt wanted to see if they could find the Maple Falls school they use to attend, and later delivered Darigold milk to.
The school no longer existed, and to look upon the site, was like gazing at a memorial.
Fond reflection on past activities- "what once was". Wildflowers in the school yard added to the memorial feel.
Richard & Matt recalled Maple Falls school being so small, grades were combined in the following way:
1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th.
Richard was in 4th grade, and Matt was in 2nd grade. They both remembered thinking the 5th & 6th graders looked like giants.  :)
Seeing how they only attended Maple Falls for half a school year, why did they remember the place so well? They came to the conclusion it was because they visited the school several years later on their Darigold milk route(s).   :)
The little girls enjoyed picking wild flowers, in spite of the fact that most of us did not get out of the van to look around (quick stop; vans idling). Weren't the flowers so beautiful?

We arrived at Silver Lake, a bit surprised at how many people were there.
Oh- it was a Saturday!    :)
People were having a blast swimming and splashing in the lake.
Personally, I would have thought it too cool to swim!
The boys with Cousin Winston   :)
Lynette & Paul
The girls LOVED playing in and around enormous tree stumps.
What a great place for large imaginations!  :)
After our picnic lunch, some went paddle boating ...
...  others went "regular" boating! :)
Richard, Matt & their little girls
Back from boating, the girls continued to prefer tree stumps over a nearby playground!
Isn't God's creation beautiful!

The girls were very pleased with their artwork, and I wished I'd had glue with me! Perhaps we could could have taken the creations home at the end of the trip. 
Sweet cousins
Our time at Silver Lake was peaceful and relaxing.
We were un-hurried, allowed the children lots of fun, and took in the beautiful scenery and cool breezes!! 
We didn't have an agenda for the remainder of the day, so we stopped in Deming to visit a very unique general store,  "Everybody's Store"!
Paul, Richard & Matt remembered stopping here on one of their Darigold routes, and were anxious to see whether anything had changed after all these years.

The store was exactly the same.
"Everybody's" had something for everyone!
You could choose from a variety of sausages, salmon, bakery items, fruits, veggies, antiques,
shampoo, hats, coffee mugs ....
I was amazed- I hadn't been inside a general store quite like this one before.
Look! Organic produce ... and rugs and cards!
Wine, shirts, place mats, napkins .....
We all had a variety of sandwiches and snacks from "Everybody's", instead of finding a restaurant. :)
On our way back home (hotels), we saw some incredible scenery!
Kendra and Lynette snapped the photos below, since I was driving.  :)

We drove by Whatcom Lake ... but there was no public access (only private).  :(

I stopped along-side the road so Lynette, Kendra & Stephanie could take photos out the van windows, then Stephanie began laughing over a photo she had taken. Before long we were all laughing, fumbling to roll up the windows so the people on the bank (looking right at us) wouldn't think we were taking pictures of them and laughing.
... I guess you'd have to have been there with us to have seen the hilarity of the situation!!  :)

We had had a wonderful family day together, and looked forward to more!


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