Monday, May 6, 2013

~House project update~

What a wonderful thing marking items off my check-list! Woohoo!
We finished the boys' room today!!!!!
 We painted one wall brick red, and heavy cream on the other walls.
The lighting and reflections make these photos a little interesting ... but at least you get an idea. :)

 In case you're wondering about the blue dressers, we painted them several years ago.
Remember our old 50's bathroom?
I'm NOT happy with how the "patched up" ceramic tile turned out ... ugh!!
... but I did the absolute best I could.
Whoever buys our house in the future can remove every bit of ceramic tile in the room if they'd like .... I really won't care!!!    ;)
[in case you missed my previous bathroom blog post, we removed the old towel bar .. leaving two gaping holes in the ceramic tile]
I decided not to purchase a new window valance, since I'd rather wait and spend money on our new house.... sometime in the future.  :)
So, I put up the same 'ole white valance.
We are now finished with the bathroom- except for re-hanging a picture and shelves (off-center now with having changed the towel bar below).
Little by little, our house projects are getting finished!  :)

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