Thursday, April 18, 2013


~I've been busy...
a good thing, of course~ :)

Thursday evening, we began painting our living room & dining room a shade of taupe. I think it had been about 5 years since we'd painted our main living areas, and I can see why!!
We had to move the furniture around the room while painting- it reminded me of musical chairs.
Move all the chairs (& stuff) to the living room while painting the dining room, then move everything to the dining room while painting the living room. Except for the big, heavy items you simply leave pulled out into the middle of the living room and work around.  :)

 These photos were taken while finishing up the dining room on Friday night ... we hadn't yet started on the living room.
We painted our living room all day on Saturday, and did not take the time to snap more photos.
I was feeling sore & tired, and told Richard that I was going to sleep well (Saturday night).

Any day, our neighbor and church friend (the Larsen's) would be going into labor, so I placed my cell phone next to my bed- as I had done for the previous two weeks. We all know how one cannot predict when babies will decide to come. I had agreed to be the person they'd call to stay with their other 6 children, since we live 5 minutes away, and none of their family members live in the area.
At around 5:30 AM Sunday morning, I was awakened by my cell phone ringing. It was Mr Larsen telling me they would be leaving for the birthing clinic (midwife) soon- the time had come!!
I answered that I'd be on my way shortly, and leaped out of bed.
I was excited, though pretty sleepy.  :)
I grabbed my purse, the van keys ... and then Richard suggested I take the car instead.
I wasn't fully awake, so staggered to get the car keys, then jumped into the van's driver seat. Haha! :)
I realized my mistake when I saw Richard looking at me from the kitchen/garage door. I laughed outloud, then hurried to our car sitting in our driveway (yes, the CAR keys).
The Larsen's house is only 5 minutes away, but it's amazing how sleepiness can cloud one's mind. The wipers ran on high to remove the condensation off the windshield, and I prayed that I'd find the way to my friend's house.  :)
I was fully alert once I arrived at the Larsen's home.
I was given a couple of instructions, along with their van keys in case we wanted to go to church. One of their sons- Anders- had planned on going home with another church family that afternoon.
I found fruit & cereal sitting on the counter for when the kids awakened, and thought to myself how very organized they were! 
I don't remember thinking ahead about such things when I was in labor!!! I was always just thinking about having the baby! :)
The Larsen parents left to have their 7th baby, and I waited for the other children to awaken.
When the children's alarms went off at 6:30 AM, I wondered who would come down the stairs first.
Anders came downstairs with a smile on his face, all dressed.
I said Good morning, and told him why I was there.  :) 
Anders excitedly ran back upstairs to tell his siblings, and I could hear much talking and activity. I had felt uncertain how to announce why I was there at their house ... and hoped that the youngest ones (ages 2 & 4) wouldn't be frightened.
I had absolutely  nothing to worry about at all.
The two year old peeked around the corner of the stairs at me ... then joined me in the kitchen, ALL DRESSED, and ready to roll! I was amazed! Hmm ... I wonder if his brothers helped him.  :)
I helped the four year old get dressed, but she was the only one requiring assistance.
The other five children (including Anders) came to the kitchen dressed and ready for church.
After the children's chores and breakfast, it was only about 7:45-ishAM (wow!).
The children told me that they usually enjoyed play time between breakfast and leaving for church, so I played battleship with Anders, while the youngest kiddos watched us, giggling. We had a fun time together!   :)
By the way, I thought it was so sweet how the children (ages 2 to 11) appeared very happy to see me, and were eager to share their special toys with me. :)
I texted Richard to let him know that everyone was ready for church, so we might as well ALL plan to go- especially since I was scheduled to work in the church nursery and hadn't thought to find a replacement that morning! By the way, I was the only one NOT dressed for church, with jeans & tennis shoes (& no make-up), but I knew it would be alright.  haha :)
Since the Larsen van could hold both our families comfortably, Richard drove to the Larsen's house, and then we all headed to church in the Larsen's van.
Yes, I agree I probably should have asked someone to fill in for me (nursery duty) once we were at church. Perhaps my brain was not working properly since I had been awake since 5:30AM without consuming caffeine.
 I took care of babies & toddlers during church service, while Richard sat by himself with the children- 9 total at first (junior church participants leave the 2nd half of service).
After church, Anders went home with another family as planned, and our daughter, Ashlyn, left for a birthday party (of all Sunday's!). The rest of us headed to Taco Bell!!   :)
The Larsen parents arrived home from the birthing clinic later that afternoon, and I was able to meet the newest Larsen family member- an adorable little girl!!  :)
I honestly had a wonderful time helping with the Larsen children- it was such a beautiful, blessed day!
 Richard says his favorite part was the two year old adopting him as "dad" for the day. :)
Oh- and I've learned a few new things about organization and planning ahead for Sunday mornings.
The Larsen children were all ready for church at an early hour, and I could tell they'd be very disappointed NOT going. Why on earth would we take everyone, you might ask??  They honestly wanted to go, and I couldn't imagine disappointing them [thanks, Richard!!  He's the most supportive, helpful hubby!!].  :)
... So ... about not taking additional painting photos of our LR/DR ... I've been slightly distracted (a good distracted!)~  :)

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