Wednesday, April 10, 2013

~Just Because it's National Sibling Day~ :)

I realized that today was National Sibling Day!!!
So I wanted to share a couple of photos of my brother & sisters before the National Sibling Day is over!   :)
Here's a photo of my big brother, Joe (8 yrs older than I), big sister, Wendy (4 yrs older than I), and me.
I'm not sure how old we were in this photo... but I must say that I had a lot of fun being the youngest!
I looked up to my older siblings, and [most of the time] thought they could do no wrong.  ;)
Here we were in 1989!
Wendy arranged the photo shoot appointment so that we could surprise mom on Mother's Day.
I remember this being a big deal to my sister & I .... but couldn't I have chosen a different shirt?? haha!   [I'm the girl standing in back]
We grew up asking a lot about our oldest sister, Lynn, listened to dad's stories, and prayed that God would bring her to us. We were on a "sister hunt".   :)    
 I would finally meet  Lynn after I was married and had two children of my own.
God has blessed her life and family, and I'm thankful to know my oldest sister.   :)

Yay- for older siblings!!!!!! 
I wish them all a Happy Sibling Day, with much love!!

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