Thursday, February 14, 2013

~Blessed, Part I~

...continuing our Anniversary trip story ...   :)  :)  :)

Richard was focused on finding his suitcase the next morning, so we worked our way toward Sedona ... but at a snail's pace. We didn't want to be too far away from the Phoenix airport if Richard's suitcase was returned by the man, Nelson, who had accidentally taken it!
We stopped at a grocery store, and then drove around enjoying the sights and scenery.
Richard could not fully relax; he would alternately call the airport, then Nelson. Baggage claim couldn't get ahold of Nelson, so Richard was trying to inform him to take the suitcase back to the airport. However, it was evident that Nelson did not understand English.  His repeated response to Richard was, "What? I don't know .... what do you mean? I'm working right now. I call back later, ok?"
 Before Richard could try re-phrasing his words, Nelson would hang up.  
Richard tried texting instead, hoping that Nelson might try translating the words.
Texting worked!! Richard received a text in response, promising that the suitcase would be returned to the airport that evening. Checking with baggage claim, we discovered the air line would deliver the suitcase to our hotel in Sedona.

Mid-morning the next day, Richard's suitcase arrived at our hotel, safe & sound!!! Praise God!!   :) :)

 Richard double checked the tags ... Woohoo! He had his suitcase after 1 1/2 days!!
God was so good! :)

 It was on this happy note that we went jeeping! The weather was a  little chilly, but it was bright & sunny- perfect for a jeep outting and a bit of hiking. :)

Jeeping is so much fun--with Richard driving! :)  We had a great time!!!
 It had snowed a little the day before, so parts of the path still were dusted with white.

 On our way up a trail to see a natural arch. I thought the white snow and red rock were SO beautiful together!
 Richard with the natural arch  ....

Not long after snapping these two "arch" photos with my camera, Richard wanted me to get a picture of him with his iphone. We had moved over to the right more ... and as you can see, there was snow on the rocks which made them slippery.
While Richard handed me his iphone, I didn't grip it properly, and could feel it slip out of my hand. I yelled out to Richard as it fell to the snow covered rock, watching it half-bounced, half-slide a few feet away from us. I wondered when it would STOP~!!
I screamed loudly as the iphone slid over the edge of the snowy cliff , and fell down- where? We didn't know, but thought we heard a couple of thuds!  Several people around us saw the whole thing ... and looked at us with sympathetic eyes. I felt so bad, knowing that it was ME who dropped it!!
I thought about what had taken place the day and a half before, and wondered to myself, "Yesterday's chaos, now the iphone .... what else is going to happen?!"
I was near tears- especially since a passerby had told us that they saw the phone split in two on its way down.
"You can always by a new one," they encouraged us.
Richard & I took a different trail that brought us to the area underneath the natural arch pictured.
I didn't have the heart to look for a smashed iphone, so took a break on the side of the trail. Minutes later, I realized that Richard was SMILING, "I found it!!  It still works!"
  Richard had found the iphone lying flat on a rock, face-up, in perfect working condition. The protective casing around the phone had a couple of scratches, but held together well- it survived falling a couple hundred feet!
Richard teared up, and told me he felt that God protected him. Just seconds before I dropped the phone, a thought entered his mind to be careful not to do anything stupid- like chase after a falling camera.
The people who thought they saw the iphone break in two, were amazed when Richard held up his working phone. They exclaimed, "You must have had an iphone angel!!!"
They concluded that on the way down, the phone must have hit and split a rock in two.
We were a tad shaken after this incident. We took a deep breath, smiled at each other, and thanked God for His protection- including the many times we aren't aware He's near. ~
{More to come ....}    :)

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