Sunday, January 6, 2013

~Family Roots~

Where do I begin? :)
It never fails. There's something about going back to where you spent your childhood. Going back to your "roots"; where people know all about you. No matter how you've changed, how you've grown up ... those who know your history never forget. You pick up where you left off--even one whole year later.  :) :)
On our way to spend Thanksmas with my parents in Northern Indiana, we stopped to see my first cousin, Penny, my Aunt Ruth (my dad's oldest sister), and the rest of Penny's family. I have childhood memories of visiting Aunt Ruth's house every Thanksgiving.
  Penny had just gotten off work as a nurses aid, and took us to see her "hobby farm". Penny enjoys taking care of her chickens every day, and says it's great therapy.   :)  :)

My kids had fun gathering fresh eggs from the hens' nests, exclaiming over their warmth. What a surprise the eggs were not cold, and I realized that was something I had failed to tell them .... :)  Yes, we're the city slickers ....   :)
See if you can see a couple of red barns in the distance. Beautiful red barns are quite common in Indiana-they're everywhere! If you drive through Indiana farm country, remember to look for the big red barns.  :)
Penny, and daughter Lori, pose with their lovely chicken eggs!! 
They gave us a carton full of eggs to take with us to my mom & dad's house.
That's how family is. Always giving and loving- no matter what. :)
Photo below: Me, cousin Penny, and Aunt Ruth

We said our goodbye's (time goes by too fast), and then continued on our way to my parent's house in Northern Indiana. If you recall a few of my past posts, you'll know that I grew up next door to my maternal grandparents. My grandparents are no longer living, and my Aunt Marcia & Uncle Joe own the house next door!  :)  They moved to Indiana from Texas last summer, so now we can see more of my mom's family each visit.  :)  Notice the beautiful wood flooring? They ripped out the old carpet to find these wood floors!!  My grandpa Pletcher had built the house way, way back in the late 1930's or early 1940's  (hmm...did I get that right?).  :)

Aunt Marcia & Uncle Joe invited family over on Thanksgiving day (that's my Aunt Joy in the foreground) ... and how convenient only walking next door. Brought back memories of running back and forth between the two houses as a child.  :)
We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal!!
At above table: my parents, Ashlyn, Antonin & Caleb :)
At table below: Aunt Marcia, Uncle Joe, Aunt Joy, and Richard
[My Aunt Carolyn was present, but is not pictured]
A couple days later, we had another Thanksgiving feast, combined with our big family Christmas!  We called it "Thanksmas", and it was held at my brother's house ... only 10 minutes away from my parent's house!!
My Aunt Beverly, Uncle John, and cousin Lisa came from Indy to join in on the fun, too.  :)
I am very grateful that my children know who their great aunts & uncles are. Only two of my mom's siblings are not pictured, as they live far away in Nevada & Texas. I am thankful that not only did I know my maternal great aunts & uncles, but my children know theirs, too!  :)

~I'm also thankful for time spent with my mom, and sister Wendy!~
We went out to eat at Panera Bread, to celebrate mom's belated 70th B'day- or early 71st B'day.  :)
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Of course time flew by very quickly... and before long it was time for us to head back home to SW Illinois.
What a blast our children had with their cousins, and what a great time spent with family.
~Family ... they love, give, never forget ... and pick up where you left off~
Uh ... should I tell them I've shared photos and written about them on my blog?  ;)

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Kendy Jo said...

This is a great post, Aunt Sara! It's filled with a lot of truth about the joys of family! :):)
I'm glad your holidays were fun!
We enjoyed seeing you at Christmas!
Lots of love from the "Show Me State",
Kendy Jo <3