Wednesday, October 17, 2012

writer's block

~My, how time flies!!~
Not only has it flown by, but I have not had much time to write!
I'm also learning that perfection is my greatest enemy.
These past two weeks, I've told myself to relax at the end of the day, instead of worrying about who might be checking my blog. I suppose you'd say I've had writer's block.
"Sara," I told myself while watching the leaves turn color, " no one is worried about the blog but YOU!"
So.... I planned my husband's (surprise) 40th Birthday party, took the children to their activities, and then meditated on how to improve my home business with selling Watkins products.  haha :)

I plan to share Richard's surprise party in detail soon.....
The sun has continued to shine, the leaves fall softly to the ground.... *ah*, I need a hammock!!
That said, I hope this writer's block won't last too much longer.  :)

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