Friday, October 26, 2012

~Our Attic & the Truth~

    It took us seven long years to solve a mystery within our home- but not because we didn't try.
 Summer after summer, we would call A/C service men to our home to check things out. Why wouldn't our air conditioner keep our house cool? Was it time to replace the 20 year old A/C unit? A few adjustments were made to our unit (including adding/ taking away freon), but the service men were consistently puzzled right along with us.

Summer after summer without answers.

Finally, we replaced our air conditioner unit, thinking surely the problems would be solved.
One summer later, we still had trouble keeping our house cool.
Yes, we realize the summers are very hot in our region of the Midwest. However, something is terribly wrong when you set the thermostat at 72 degrees in the morning order to get the house to 78 degrees during the day. By late afternoon on very hot days, our thermostat showed over 80 degrees in our house.
 We knew  something was wrong, and wondered if the problem might be located in the attic.

The A/C service people eventually came to check out our attic (they finally took us seriously), and informed us that our attic's duct work was in very bad shape. It appears that for seven long summers, we've been pouring cool air into our attic!!!

Was our attic in bad shape when we first moved in seven years ago? How could house inspectors have missed this?  We will never know.

I began asking myself if I always tell the truth. Even when I don't know the answers to questions, do I suggest what a person can do  to possibly find their answers, or do I simply not care (with being short on time and all...)? 

Am I completely honest with others, or do I keep silent when I think speaking the truth may make someone upset? Believe me- though we aren't happy with our attic news, we wish we had discovered the issue MUCH sooner. The only thought going through our heads is, "Why didn't we find this out before now??!!"

The next time you're tempted to keep quiet and not "rock the boat".....remember the story of our attic!
We wish we had known sooner!!!  Think of all that energy, time & money WASTED- for seven very long summers!!
 Thank God our mystery is finally SOLVED (...and will be fixed this next week~ Yay!)!!!!    :)

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