Friday, September 14, 2012

~4th week of school~

~In my last post, I was experiencing frustration with balancing home school and private school, hoping the experience wouldn't kill me. No, it hasn't killed me.  :)  Just time consuming.....    :)

~It's very time consuming simply sorting through emails from both our home school group and Caleb's school, keeping on top of deadlines.  :)

~Our home school co-op took off strong last Friday!   :) Ashlyn loves her ballet class and the fun activities within her Tapestry class (lower grammar); Antonin is taking Astronomy along with his Tapestry of Grace (upper grammar) class.  So far, home school swim classes at the Y has not worked out, but I hope they will!!   :)  Ashlyn really needs to learn to swim without her floaties!!  :)

~As for Caleb in private school (what you're wondering about, right?  :) )... I still help him prepare for tests, but we can see that he's putting forth a heart-felt effort with his school work. 7th graders honestly have a lot of homework and tests. He will eventually get use to the work load- I hope. Even with the time and energy I expend assisting him in the evenings (some nights I'm worn out), it makes my heart happy to see him blossom within this new school challenge. For example, I use to have to "pull teeth" to get him to write at least one paragraph in a journal. Now, he's concerned about what his teachers think about him....and will actually write several paragraphs! And guess what?! Two of his classes require journal entries-not just one class!  Woo hoo!! :)
Caleb still forgets to write things down in his planner, or carelessly throws his notes (loose) inside his backpack, causing me to want to march to his locker with a 3-hole puncher and organize all his papers. Hopefully, we can work on organization this weekend- besides study for an English quiz. :)

~Since we are now most active with school/home school activities in the afternoons & evenings, I'm finding ways for dinner to cook while we're away. I've used my crock pot so many times these past 4 weeks, I must say that it's my best friend! I have also learned to use the automatic turn-on feature on my oven. This evening, I had pork barbecuing in the crock pot, while sweet potatoes baked in the oven. We returned home a little after 5:45, I threw together a salad- and we had a nice meal!!   :)

~What went on this evening?  Caleb's 3rd cross country meet~

~Caleb ran well, and finished 2 miles stronger!!!   As he neared the finish line, he twisted his foot and sprained/pulled (?) a tendon in his leg.   :(  :(  :( 
He's off the hook from cross country practice tomorrow, and we'll wait and see whether his muscles are up for another meet on Monday.

~Speaking of Monday, Richard will leave on a business trip for 10 days, and I'll carry on with our activities and "business as usual".  Caleb's far-away meets just happen to be during the time Richard's gone. lol!! 
Oh well, I'm going to find ways to enjoy our travels!    :) 
I might even drive through a fast-food restaurant to make my life easier. :)  :)  

~God has been so good to us throughout our school /time management adjustments. I know He will give much needed Grace while Richard's gone, too.

~Now that I think of it, these adjustments are like growing pains.  I'll explain soon what I mean...   :)

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