Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pass me some Thyme (time), please?

oh my, how time flies by!!!!

Other than not being able to capture time in a bottle,
busy, tired, not fully alert ... we're doing well!
Blessings mix in with challenges, making life  "good" and blessed.    :)

In addition to life  :),  I've been experiencing those familiar "stirrings" inside, reminding me that I need to WRITE, make time to WRITE and quit making excuses why I can't WRITE.
I've had  a couple of stories in my heart for quite some time.... I know they're gifts that I need to use and practice, but I struggle finding TIME to write. I've been told if I just sit down and make time to WRITE, inspiration will come .....

Will it really? What about having home school on my mind most of the time?

Our first weeks of home school have come along well, though I have already noted several areas in which I need to tweak and improve, including the kids' school schedules.
We recently enjoyed a (simple) Greek/Roman celebration at home to help review last year's study of Ancient Greece and Rome. The children had so much fun dressing up!!!    :)  
We are now learning about the Middle Ages, including early church history. I use to FEAR World History/Church History when I was in school. Now, I love learning along with my children, and it all makes better sense now!!   

Back to writing ...if my husband is telling me that I need to write, I've left my "gift" sitting on the back-burner a little too long.

So ... I'm coming up with a "solution" for myself. I'm going to create a strict schedule for myself--separate from the family calendar. A "Mommy -free time" chart - though we all know and understand it's not really "free" time.   :)  Hmm .... lol!! I sure hope this works~!
I'll let you know how I'm doing with my schedule in a couple of weeks!!!
In the meantime, enjoy these photos of the kiddos all dressed up with no place to go!!!    :)

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