Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to my boys~!

My how the years continue to fly .... my boys are growing up too fast! Am I ready for the teenage years? Not quite sure, but at least I've been growing up along with my boys all these years ...   :)
Caleb is now 12 years old!! He wanted a family party and a flag cake.... and my, how I loved the fruit with cool whip ( for frosting)!! Mmm, yum!!
 Antonin turned the big #10 -two weeks after Caleb's b'day- and chose a car party! He inviting three of his friends to celebrate with us. He was so excited helping me decorate his race car cake, adding a few Lego pieces for a special touch (tree, and a piece that resembled a car battery).  :)  Yes, we've been loving the extra Oreo cookies since we don't normally purchase them (crushed Oreo s for the road)!!  :) Yum~!

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