Thursday, April 14, 2011

God is faithful~ :)

The Matt Sorrell family   :)
We enjoyed a short visit from Richard's brother's family!! What a pleasure to have them at our house again! The spring weather made for a superb day of visiting and playing; the children had a blast as always with their long lost cousins.    :)   :)   We'll be getting together with Richard's family again in June for some special events (40th anniversary, boys' camping trip, etc.), so everyone is now anticipating the month of June. 
Surprise, surprise! My blood test came back saying I'm "normal". While I'm thankful, I'm also a bit disappointed that my issues cannot be quickly fixed with a simple adjustment in medicine. I'm exploring alternative remedies, and will eventually share what I find.   :)  :)   Until then, I'm tired of talking about my health, especially since I'm not that bad off. Time to go onto something else!!
I've often said that figuring out what God wants me or my family to do would be so much easier if He would just write it in the clouds or speak in an audible voice from Heaven. He knows we'd do whatever He wanted if He'd just tell us!!!!
 We've been trying to figure out which extra-curricular activities our children should participate in, whether we should continue to attend and/or teach CBS (Thursday Bible Study), along with how much involvement should be put into our local home school group. A few friends have also been praying that we would sense God's direction. Does God really care about our daily routine and activities? Oh yes He does!! Does prayer really work? Yes!!!
I began noticing some issues with my children I had grown blind to, and felt the impression that I needed to be home more often. Not exactly what I wanted to "hear" .... but if one's home schooling, it goes without saying that you're to stay at home ... ???    ;)  Yes, we'll continue our Friday home school activities, but will be cutting out a thing or two during the week. Yes, this means I will not teach CBS next year. I love teaching the little ones and have no doubt God's been smiling down on us thru the year. However, the tugging at my heart for my own children  cannot be ignored.
I know this sounds odd, but I awoke this morning with a "picture" in my mind, with the impression, "I want you to write".   I know this sounds crazy, but it really happened-! After the initial awe of the experience, I immediately began typing on my laptop before the children awoke. As the story begins to unfold, I may share it here a chapter at a time. Yes, I'm taking this seriously- this was as close to an audible answer as one can get!   :)  :)
God answers ordinary prayers, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. I now know [sort of] what I'm supposed to do with my time this year. Home school and write stories that pop into my head.  lol!!   :)  : )  We're trusting that He'll also take care of all the other question marks above our heads, and ultimately know He will, because He is faithful!!    :)  :)
Continue praying  for all those question marks above your head. You might have to wait awhile, but you will receive an answer! Remember, He delights in you and has a perfect plan for you!! [Psalm 139]   :)   :)   :)

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