Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life is good ...

Hope your new year has been happy!!
We spent our new year in Missouri with Richard's family, celebrating the extended Sorrell Christmas. We all had a great time together (as usual), and our children had a blast with their cousins. Richard & I also enjoyed a date while my mother in law watched our kids. Quiet time with your spouse can't be beat. Can you believe we will be married 13 years this February? I sure would like to know where time flies to!!!
I'm beginning to feel a bit restless .... nothing ever, ever happens around here.
Therefore, I'm going through each room in the house, organizing and cleaning everything! I'm really quite pleased with how things are going, though I wish I could come up with a few new decorating ideas. Hmm ... I suppose a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot may help-- along with browsing thru (but not buying) their home improvement magazines.  lol!  :D
Last night while thinking how nothing interesting happens (same old, same old, nothing new, nothing new), I decided it really wasn't a good idea for me to focus on the "same old", and that I needed to ask God to help me remember that He's the One who makes life interesting. So .. I asked God to help me stay focused on Him and not on life being "interesting or not interesting".  Life really is good, so what's wrong with me?! 

Oh-- one exciting thing happened yesterday. Ashlyn read 12 words with some help! Even with her being my third student to teach phonics/beginning reading, the experience is just as amazing!! In time she'll be a great reader ... my "baby" is such a big girl now! Such a bittersweet experience to hear your "baby" reading little words like "cat" and "hat"!    :)

p.s. If reading this thru Google Reader, you'll be puzzled why an additional post shows up right after this one. *sigh*,  deleted posts continue to show up thru Google Reader!!!   I've always need to think before I write/talk ...

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