Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cleaning and taxes :)

Wow! There's nothing like a wonderfully clean house!!
We had two rooms in our house professionally cleaned (living room and boys' room), and we feel it was SO worth it!! We had thought about replacing our carpet, but found it still has life left in it--yay!!   :)  I feel as if we've spring cleaned part of the house early, and won't have to tackle as much, come spring.
Ahhh... [deep breath, exhale] .... there's something wonderful about a clean house! I know this sounds cheesy, but clean houses lift my spirits!! No, the cleaning is never done in a busy household, but at least one can enjoy the journey with refreshing scents ....   :) [ ha ha ha]

In case you haven't heard, our newly sworn-in Illinois Governor passed an outrageous tax law. Thanks to him, our income tax has gone from 3% to 5%, and now the neighboring states are hopeful they can lure Illinois residents away from the Land of Lincoln.
Another article:
Hmm, who wouldn't want to leave the most politically corrupt state in recent history (not to mention ridiculous tax laws), where Chicago rules the roost- leaving no voice for the rest of the people? Huh, really?!
Most people can't simply up and move because of their jobs- and in this economy, one must stick with what they have. In several years, however, I'm sure some businesses will move out because they can no longer survive the oppressive tax crunch. I think a lot of people will seek job transfers out of this place, contrary to Illinois belief! My guess is that most of the "escapees" will be from Southern Illinois ....
LOL!     :(   I'm very disappointed in this new law (like you couldn't tell~).   :)

This recent tax increase fans Richard's desire to move to Colorado. How will we be able to continue living in Illinois with even higher taxes?  Yes, we can survive on one income, but it'll be challenging I'm sure.
Well, if there's anything I know about God, He's in control, and there's nothing we can do to stop Him. On the other hand ... I really need to be praying!!   lol!    :)

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