Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gorgeous fall

We've been experiencing a lovely Indian summer in the midwest, so I thought I'd take advantage of this warm November to take some outdoor photos. After charging the camera batteries, getting everyone ready for pics, and finding the tripod, we posed and smiled. What a bunch of pictures we took of everyone! Out of all the family photos we snapped, however, none them turned out -- partly because someone enjoys being silly in photos. UGH!
I'm including a few pics for your enjoyment. :) :)
After waiting for three and a half weeks to hear a response (normal time frame), my manuscript was rejected. I'm very happy that I had received a positive response to my query letter, and am setting the rejected article aside for awhile. I'd say that it's time for a few new ideas [said while refraining from deleting the Word document, since I'm sick of working on it]. :) I'd really like to work on stories for children next, but will need to do a bit of research first. Yes, I'm aware that I can now try pestering other magazine publishers with my rejected article ...... ;) ha!
Trying to find a magazine that fits with your article & writing style, is similar to playing "pin the tail on the donkey". The writer has a good idea what publishers want to read (from guidelines in the Writers' Market or on publisher's web sites). However, editors may prefer that writers use a different tone or take the topic/idea in a different direction, for example. Finding the balance between what you think editors want to read, and what is on your heart to shout to the world makes the art of writing very tricky. So far, I'm not certain I have discovered this balance, but I'm determined to keep trying!! :) No, this was not my first rejection, by the way.

I need to get to bed!!! Good night!

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