Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fabric Memories

I'm amazed that certain smells can trigger vivid memories! This evening I was preparing tomorrow's lesson for the 2's & 3's at CBS (the story of Joseph's coat of many colors), and decided to look through some old fabric my mother had given me a few months ago. The box of fabric had been my Grandmothers, and several of the fabric items dated back to the early 1970's. Choosing swab of material to use for my lesson, the distinctive (perfume? lotion?) smell of my Grandmother triggered memories of her love for sewing. How can material still smell like her after so many years of being stored in a box?!
The memories reminded me how much she's been missed, and then I began to feel guilty that I was cutting her old material for a "dress-up paper doll activity". *gulp*!
No ... I'm sure she'd be happy to see some of her old material being put to good use (I plan to use it for Ashlyn's doll play afterwards, too).
Here's a photo of both my maternal Grandparents at our wedding in 1998.

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