Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What? You're kidding!!

Yesterday, a wave of disappointment hit me with Richard's phone call. He informed me that his employer had just called him to say they were sending someone else closer to the job in New York. What?! Five days before my husband was to take the flight to NY, the managers suddenly change their minds to save money?? Wow!! I was thinking about taking a trip to NY to be with my husband for a couple of days, leaving the children with their grandparents... now, we get to keep him here at home with us all the time. [ lol, I know that sounds funny :) :) I'll need to plan a few dates here in our home state ]. oh well. God must have a reason for not allowing Richard's involvement in this business trip. Knowing that our Sovereign God has a plan helps with disappointments such as this one (not to mention the embarrassment -- *sigh*-- I suppose this teaches me to not tell people what we're doing until the day before it happens!!). What about all the preparation my husband did to get ready for this NY job??? ...and what about our "quick trip" to Missouri to visit family? We could have taken our time!! ARGH!

We had planned on replacing our worn out [it seems worn out to us, anyway] sofa and recliner with the extra money Richard earned ... so now those plans will need to be canceled too. I've stopped looking at new, leather furniture, and have resumed my faithful search on Craig's list for something used, cheaper --and most likely, NOT leather. Our used recliner served us well for 12 years ... lol! Yes, it's time for something different (the sofa is probably 10 years old). Uh ... I'll need to give Salvation Army a call to cancel the "furniture donation" pick-up I had scheduled for next week (no matter how badly I would really like to get rid of them!) lol! : ) : )

I suppose this may also be a test to see where my affections lie. Is getting new furniture more important to me than accepting God's Will? Ouch!! That hurts. Yes, my husband is disappointed over this event (not the furniture-- hee hee), so I need to have a good attitude for his benefit. He has enough to deal with (people/management) at his place of employment. We're just thankful that he has a job!

I am doing well on the allergy meds now, though still not feeling myself. I'm just thankful this whole allergy thing is temporary, and should begin disappearing late May. Maybe the wave of disappointment regarding the canceled trip to NY will be temporary as well.

Have a great day in the sunshine!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Sara, I am sorry for all the dissappointments you've had this last week plus allergy preoblems. I know Richard was really looking forward to that trip-- life is just not Fun sometimes, but we know who holds tomorrow and we can trust him to hold us and direct our lives. Hope you have a better week with your allergies and get a really good deal on some great furniture soon! Stephanie