Monday, April 19, 2010

Inspiration ... from life

I've always known that I could never be a Journalist!!
Besides always needing an editor (ha), I would feel as if I were writing a boring report not being able to choose the story myself. I like dreaming up thoughts and ideas on my own. :) :)
I'm taking a writing class that is very good with encouraging free thought while working with different types of articles. Some are harder to come up with ideas for than others. This week I've struggled with the "Seasonal article" assignment. One of the assignment questions I pondered was, what "unusual personal experience related to a seasonal or historical event" could possibly "spark" an idea for an article. LOL! The problem is that not many things in my life have been unusual, and I certainly don't come from a historically intriguing background, so I've been stumped for several days.
Then ... I decided to purchase flowers with my children and plant them in between my allergy attacks (just kidding -lol).

The experience of planting flowers and spending time outdoors together, brought back memories of my own childhood. As I've mentioned before, I grew up at the edge of a suburban area, with a huge back yard to run in, and enormous garden my grandfather planted every year (we lived next door to my maternal grandparents). We didn't go many places besides church, the library and the grocery store, so I have many memories of home! That sounded funny ... :)
I must remember not to think too deeply (or get stressed) with these assignment questions. I have a plethora of life lessons at my disposal without having to rack my brain for something beyond myself. Maybe planting flowers in the spring or harvesting with your children doesn't sound unique, but it's seasonal and something I'm familiar with. :) :) :) Well ... if you want to get technical, I never asked my grandpa how he tilled and fertilized the garden, among other gardening details. lol!! :)

My basic thought: no matter his/her background, a writer (mostly) needs to gain ideas from what s/he is familiar with -- LIFE -- even if the writer thinks there's no much to draw from (s/he will end up surprised with the successful brainstorming session). :)
I think I'm finally getting somewhere ... but now it's too late to work on my assignment [oops]. :) I'll get it finished ... just give me a few more days .... :) :)

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