Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I was able to send in my second assignment today...right on the due date. The assignment was one of the more difficult ones (I think), because I had to think through ideas for a feature article (I hope my instructor likes it). I'm looking forward to the next assignment: An Inspirational article. :) : ) :) It shouldn't take me as long to finish the next assignment(s)....except for the "Humorous" article. I'm not naturally funny. While chatting on the phone with one of my sisters in law, however, she reminded me how comical it is talking on the phone with children around. :) :) Wish me luck....I'll need to freshen my memory and experiment talking on the phone with other adults-- while all 3 kids are in the same room. For several years now, I've tended to avoid the emailing. :) :) lol!

I made bread last night (and took pictures), so I will share how to make bread with a Bosch mixer soon.... :) :) :)
Wow...this is Wed. already. Richard's returning home tomorrow evening! Yay!!! The biggest problem with his being gone, is that I'm more tired. I sure APPRECIATE my husband more!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

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