Saturday, June 13, 2009

stuff turned out to be a nice thing for someone to back into us while we were in Springfield, IL. The autobody shop not only fixed the dents, they also took care of the additional scratches and dents from a year ago (on their own initiative). We now have a nice "new" van!!! : ) : ) : )
I guess this may be an example of how "all things work together for good"...right? :)
The best part is that it didn't cost us anything....and we even had the use of a rental car while our van was being fixed. What I learned from driving a car (w/ kids) for four days, is that I am very thankful we have a van. The kids cannot get along in the back of a car!! The first two days were pretty good....but then the newness wore off and it was horrible! lol!

Since my b'day is in June and Ashlyn's half-b'day is in June, I'm planning a little girl's tea party play date for the end of the month. NO BOYS ALLOWED!
I'm inviting a few of Ashlyn's little friends (and mommies), to dress up, snack on yummy foods, and drink lemonade or iced tea. Our house is a bit on the small side, so we are going to enjoy ourselves outdoors. I don't know yet what the forecast will be like....this tea party is two weeks away. If it rains, we will have to postpone it, but I'm hoping the rain will stay away. :)
Speaking of weather, there was a F1 tornado that came through our area last Monday. It stormed a path less than a mile away from us, and we had no idea there was a tornado coming! We knew there was a storm approaching....but we had no idea! We were on the North side of Greenmount road taking care of business. We noticed dark clouds and lightening in the distance, but weren't concerned about it. We leisurely drove home...and were only home for ten minutes before the strong storm/tornado hit.
We drove around a day after the storm blew through. Many people lost garages and/or roofs, but there were no injuries or deaths, so we all have much to be thankful for.
Richard thinks it was the closest one we've ever experienced in our lives. I think he may be right. I know that God would have protected us if we had been on the road (He protected others who were on the road)....but am SO grateful that He chose for us to be home through the storm! :) No, we did not have any damage to our property.

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Kendy Jo said...

I hope Ashlyn AND you have lots of fun @ your tea party.=)=)And I'm glad God protected you in that storm-its always so scary isn't?I'm learning every time we have one to trust in him more.=)=)=)
-Kendy Jo