Monday, June 8, 2009

school concerns

We are enjoying a lazy, rainy I thought I'd catch up on choosing our curriculum for the next school year.

Yes, Caleb will be attending Zion Lutheran (4th grade), and I'm just a bit nervous about the up-coming adjustments. He will be one of 24 students...we don't know a whole lot of details yet for next year. I really like Veritas Press' online Classical schooling program and would jump at this type of schooling in a heartbeat, but the price tag is not much different than attending Zion. We're not sure the online schooling would be worth the cost, and my hubby feels positive peer pressure would be good for our son (too long of story to share--sorry). My "ideal" schooling option would be a Classical Christian school where children attend two days a week and home school the rest of the week (being accountable to their teacher; parents and teachers work together). This area we live is not progressive enough to have a University Model school, though it's across a river from a very progressive city. The only choices are: Public schooling, traditional private schooling or traditional home schooling. Public schooling in our district is out of the question ("middle of the road" school in a large suburb).....

Thought I'd share links in case you are interested or curious for yourselves: (University model school --not in our area)
(Veritas Press Scholars Academy online program--I'd do this if my husband agreed. lol :))

I'll be using Shurley English for Antonin (2nd grade), and mixing Sonlight materials with a little from Veritas Press (we already own the Sonlight materials we went through through two years ago). We will be studying Ancient World History. My plan is to continue with Abeka math...and to use Abka K4 with my youngest. I can't believe my daughter is old enough for school! Where has time gone?!?!? I cannot describe this bittersweet feeling other than to say I have a sinking sensation in my gut. lol.... :) :)

I need to enjoy our summer vacation for now....the next school year will come around the corner quickly enough....have a blessed day! I'm going to clean the house and play with the kids..... and practice not worrying about the future. God is in control (and dislikes being put in a box)....when will I ever learn...? :)

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