Sunday, June 7, 2009

The above photo was taken during the cub scout graduation ceremony, held nearly a week ago at a park ( time flies by too fast!). Caleb is now a Webelos scout, and Antonin is a Wolf scout (they moved up from ranks of Bear and Tiger, respectfully). :)
Caleb was thrilled to carry the American flag during the opening and closing ceremonies, and I must say that I was a very proud mom. :)
I'm pleased with both of our boys...they have done well in cub scouts.

This week was hard. No...I'd say it was tough. Richard was out of town, we attended the cub scout graduation, and I worked on the research paper that loomed over my head. The research paper and an additional writing assignment were separate from the rest of the class assignments and required much more time and energy. I am ecstatic to report that I have them both complete, but they didn't get done over night, that's for sure! Let's just say that they kept me from having a social life all week long...and right in the middle of Richard being gone (when I needed friends).
Such is life. I'm very grateful both assignments are finished. I only have four more "regular" class assignments left...then I'll be finished with my "Articles I" class! :) :) The deadline to finish is September 3rd, but I think I'll be finishing sooner. :) :) :) You might be curious to know why I was working so diligently on the research paper (& additional assignment) if I am getting through the class so quickly. Well...the research paper and additional assignment actually had a due date. Everything else has been pretty "flexible". :) :)

Well...I think I need to go now and get some things done. I've been a little "out of it" lately....I wonder if it has anything to do with frying my brain with research? lol. Today while working in the church nursery, a co-worker had to remind me that we are now in the month of June ....
....I'll write again soon....

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