Monday, June 1, 2009

I thought I would share a couple more "Lincoln photos". :) Caleb was quite pleased to find that he is almost the same height as Abe was at age nine. Caleb will be ten this summer. :) :) :)
Yes, that is a wax figure of Abe Lincoln as a boy behind my children in the first photo...I have to laugh at how bored Abe looks in the picture. lol.
I am very upset right now. I had a very nice post written for this blog, and then my pinkie finger accidentally brushed something (?) ultra-sensitive somewhere on this laptop and erased it all. Yes...can you feel my pain and exasperation??? Ack!!!
Well (*sigh*)....I'll try to remember the basics of what I had previously painstakingly written.

The boys participated in their cub scout graduation this evening, and they had so much fun! :)
Caleb has moved up to the "Webelos" level, and Antonin is now a Wolf scout. I was very proud of our boys, and wished Richard could have witnessed the special moments. :)
Richard is gone on business....which brings me to a totally different thought.

I am very thankful God was watching over Richard and the other people aboard a plane headed for Detroit earlier today. Richard called soon after landing to tell about a "weird" landing experience. He said that as the plane neared its destination, the pilot's voice came over the intercom announcing that a warning light had come on. He would now try to land the plane and needed everyone to prepare for a rough ride. They also said there were emergency vehicles waiting for them on the runway "just in case". Just in case what?!?! I guess we will never know. Now that I'm retelling this story, it doesn't sound quite right. Anyhow, the flight attendants were going over the emergency exit info. with the folks sitting near the emergency exits. Richard said that since the attendants were calm, he wasn't scared at all. I'm not sure if I believe him. lol! I sure would have been glad it was him and not me. :) :) :)
Long story short, the airplane landed safely (slightly rough, but not bad at all), and Richard said there were about 6 emergency vehicles all over the place (not needed of course). We'll never know what the big deal was since they never informed passengers what warning light had been on. I'm just thankful my hubby is safe and sound in Michigan, and I cannot wait to see him again on Friday. :)

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