Friday, May 22, 2009

To feel sorry for ones-self or to not feel sorry, that is the question

Amber gazed longingly at her neighbors beautiful roses that grew in perfect formation over the sparkling white trellis. "*sigh*, I wish I could have a green thumb like Susan," Amber whined to herself. "It's not fair that every single flower I plant wilts within a week! I don't get it! Susan also has the most gorgeous decorating tastes...I wish that my house looked like hers!!!"
Amber heaved another sigh before approaching Susan's front door. Amber had a freshly made strawberry cheesecake in hand, hoping to find out what Susan's green thumb secrets were.

Susan was combing her hair when she heard the doorbell ring. Glancing at the front window, she caught sight of Amber and sighed to herself. "Oh comes little miss perfect. I sure wish I could keep my house clean like she does. She could easily run circles around me with all she accomplishes in one day. How does she do it?!?"
Pasting a surprised smile on her face, Susan opened the door and exclaimed, "Hello, Amber, how are you?!?!"
Amber smiled back, "Just great! I thought I'd bring my favorite cheesecake over to share with's far too rich for me to eat myself." her laughter tinkled delicately, while Susan inwardly rolled her eyes.
"Amber," Susan hesitated, "I was actually getting ready to go out with my husband this evening...I'm so sorry...maybe we can get together tomorrow?"
"Oh..." Amber momentarily faded, "Why don't you go ahead and take half of it for your dessert? I'll be making bread and cleaning house tomorrow in preparation for company...but I'd love to chat with you; just give me a call and we'll work it out!"
The ladies visited a moment longer, then parted ways. "Oh I wish I could make desserts like Amber," Susan thought to herself. " I wish I had friends like Amber does. She is always having people over--she's like a friend magnet....what is her secret? It's not fair! People just don't seem to notice anything I do...or care anything about me! I don't have any friends..."

Amber fought back tears while returning to her house. "Susan is so lucky to have dates with her seems like life with children doesn't slow down enough for our family to enjoy does she do it?! They have kids too! It's not fair!! My husband must not really like me anymore!!"
Tears streamed down Amber's face as she finished cooking her family's evening meal. One house away, tears ran down Susan's face because she felt she had no friends (both their husbands came home wondering what was wrong, and were puzzled for the rest of the evening).

The point of this silly story: when you begin to feel sorry for yourself....remember that things aren't always as they appear.....and that being a friend means to think like one...
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Kendy Jo said...

Even though this may be for older ladies ,I really liked this story.Its just plain logic and I think to often in life we compare ourselves to others.
Great Story, A. Sara!
Also ,I visited that blog "Waiting in Him" and I think thats a neat blog.
-Kendy Jo