Friday, January 16, 2009's cold!

It is Frrreeeezzzing! I've been drinking hot tea a lot lately to try and ease the misery of winter, but I still think we need to take a trip to Florida (or Hawaii??) : ) : ) : ) : )
I really like Point of Grace's music, so I've added a couple more songs to my favorite music links on the right side of this blog. "Turn up the music", and "Because You are" are just 2 that I could find through youtube. I noticed a really *cool* blog the other day that played music
right off a "favorites list" at the same time the blog was being viewed. I sure would like to learn how to do that so you could listen to music while reading! :) :) Maybe one of these days.....(??)
It's been a whole week since the Pinewood derby race...and I'm just now sharing the photos. Caleb's car came in at 3rd place, and he was pretty excited about it. : ) : ) : ) I was just relieved that the wheels didn't fall off. All the cub sc
outs had a blast racing their cars...and I need to mention that they were all very good sports too. The boys whose cars did not "place" had so much fun ...they knew that they were all winners for simply creating their derby car!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

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